Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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Moment of truth

Just as I get that message and black SUV pulls up next to me. The driver was an agent, I've seen him around before. He doesn't say anything, just opens the door and I go in.

As we're driving multiple thoughts swirl in my mind, I'm happy that it's time but I feel as though I won't be of much use. All I did was help research where Grace and her cohorts were. I'm possibly the most expendable out of everyone else. Amara's not even going to help bring her in, which to me is quite cowardly but I'm not saying that out loud. Everyone who wasn't on that team is going to be in one of the auditoriums watching. They have drones with cameras and mics to keep us informed and some agents are on the sidelines for backup if anything goes wrong.

I see Amara standing at the back, arms crossed, eyes completely focused on the screen in front of her. Killian is there as well with one of the professors' and the head of security Argus. He's holding a remote to quickly be able to tell the backup teams when to go.

Everyone is silent, with at least 100 pairs of eyes staring intently at the screen.

"This is Sayid Ahmed Cortez, can you hear me"

"yes we can, we can also see you" Killian replies.

"Okay good, we don't have eyes on the target yet but our sources say she should arrive within the next 10 minutes" he informs us.

"stay on high alert, she's sly and cunning"

The drones show them - Sayid, Kristen, Rayan, Wes, David, Kylie, Bella, Finch, grant- on 3 rooftops, tranquillizers in their hands and they're all dressed in black camo to blend in with the night sky. A car stops in an alley below them. I think it's a threat because the headlights are off and the only indication it's there is because of the low hum of the engine. Kristen, Grant and kylie peer over the edge of the rooftop, tranquillizers pointed. Everyone's holding their breaths, waiting to see who is going to step out of the vehicle. It's just a man, he gets out his phone and starts typing in something.

Amara looks like a meerkat, very alert. There's a beeping sound, getting louder and louder.

Amara runs to the comms and yells,


the others obey her orders and start bungee jumping off of the roofs.

"Miss Cortez what on earth do you think you're doing."

Before she can answer the buildings explode, debris and smoke flying into the atmosphere. The others luckily run away and seek cover behind some cars.

Sounds of their coughing can be heard.

"Well, well, well," a voice says, full of false amusement.

A figure walks through the smoke, a girl with dirty blonde hair, tied up firmly in a ponytail. She's wearing a black, zip-up, sleeveless jumpsuit with multiple pockets and a leather belt. her expression is smug as if she knew this is how everything would have turned out. She's got a gun in her hand, it looks like a type 3, single-shot long firearm. she's also wearing combat boots and there's a slight bulge near her calf. This indicates that she's also hiding a knife.

"the bureau sent their lapdogs, to take care of their work, as usual," her smile is unpleasant and sarcastic.

"come on, there's no use in hiding,"

The others slowly rise from behind the cars, their gazes fixed on her and the alley.

she looks around," I see Amara's not with you, shame, she missed the reunion, is she too scared to fight me?"

"Amara's not scared of you, she's not the same lost, broken girl she was a few years ago, she's strong, determined and one of the best people I know," Sayid counters with confidence.

Amara smiles with pride listening to what he said.

"Let's just get this over with," Grace says.

"Really, it's nine against 1, it doesn't seem like much of a fight," Grant smirks.

A group of people walk out from amongst the shadows, 5 of them surround the agents, devious looks on their faces.

"Argus, call the backup teams now!"Amara commands.

I understand why. The enemy has guns, our group only anticipated Grace as a threat so they only have tranquillizers and some knives. The chances of them coming out unscathed and victorious are very very low. I can vaguely see Grant throw a knife, very skillfully at one of the enemies, it impales him in the shoulder and he drops down, yelling in agony. It's brave but sets off a chain of events, gunshots are being fired. I see Kristen battling it out with one of them, she gets a blow to the face but manages to defeat them. The others seem to be holding their own until Grace fights them. She's like a tornado, reckless and powerful, she takes Sayid's knife and slashes his leg. He hisses in pain but manages to stay up, the blood is falling from the cut. The others are losing ground just as Grace is about to stab Wes in the chest, the vans arrive. The backup teams start shooting, causing the enemy to flee, not before they shoot Marco in the back. Grant and Sayid quickly carry him into the van and just as the door is closing, I see them getting out the first aid kit.

Amara quickly leaves the room, pain written all over her face. Others start to leave too. Killian doesn't even bother to say anything, he knows our spirits are down.

A few minutes later, the team returns. I expected Amara to be with them, but she's nowhere to be seen when I go into the chain. Marco and Kylie arent' there either. Grant said they're in the infirmary and Kylie refuses to leave Marco's side. He's injured quite badly but they say he'll recover.

"Grace is way more skilful than we anticipated, we underestimated her" Grant mutters. His hands folded together on his lap.

"We underestimated her, Amara didn't, she was right, we should have had more training" Sayid responds. adjusting the bandage on his leg.

"It doesn't matter, we failed, accept it," Kristen says, Bella nods in agreement. I've never seen them this down. Who knew this meant so much to them.

"We didn't get the flash drive, now we have no idea who her allies are" Bella sighs.

"Yes we do" All eyes turn to Amara who's just walked in, "I got it"

She throws a flash drive onto the coffee table.

Sayid and Grant share a look.


"tracked her down, had our own reunion, fought her on a rooftop which was difficult because we've both grown and are equally matched, she almost fell, I caught her, whilst I was dragging her back up I took it from her pocket. Before her backup came I jumped off and cycled away," she says it as if it's so easy.

"How do we know you fought her" I speak up, the whole situation seems a bit strange to me. Amara simply rolls up her sleeve and shows a bloody bandage wrapped tightly around her upper arm.

"Did you get it treated?" Bella.

"I can treat myself, I'm fine" She dismisses the question.

Sayid gets up, limps towards her and give her a bear hug. She reciprocates and the two of them walk ut the room, with the flash drive of course.

"That's the best news we've gotten in ages. Killian's going to be impressed" Finch says getting up. "See you guys later".

We all start gradually leaving. A car is called to take me home and as we leave. I think I'm finally getting used to this place. It may be where I belong.

A few days later...

The sky is dark, stars faintly shine in the lack of light. Trees are silent, casting looming shadows onto the grass. The forest is calm, the occasional owl can be heard. The occasional fox can be seen. A figure is sitting on a bench waiting for someone. Their blonde hair looks almost silver in the moonlight. Another figure walks out from amongst the tree. The first figure stands up to face them. There's a silence. The two then hug. A hijab on the other figure can be seen.

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