Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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“Thanks for meeting me here,” Amara says, smiling just a bit

“Sure thing, when you said you needed help to take down the bureau, I was on a plane in an instant” Grace replies

“They need to be brought down, this isn’t just a quick task, we’ve been planning this for a year and we still haven’t gotten there yet. I needed you to be a distraction for the bureau so I could access the files in the bottom atrium without suspicion, you were the perfect task, you could beat the hell out of them and they thought the reason I wouldn’t be part of the mission is ’cause of the beef we used to have”

“The others know you’re here right?” Grace asks

“Yeah, they’re covering for me”


“do you have the burner?”
“Yeah, here you go,” Grace says handing a very simple looking phone to Amara.

“When you need another just text me with the code”

“I will”

“you better go, they’ll start to get suspicious”

“Bye, thanks again”

“no problem, be careful alright”


The two walk their separate paths.

Amara pov

I’m at home, searching for my dad’s notebook in the attic. There’s a bunch of stuff up here that used to belong to my parents and my uncle. I find a baby blue lion plushie, it’s a bit worn out but it’s in good condition. I feel tears start to form in my eyes and I desperately try to blink them back. It brought back memories.


“Okay, so intel says there’s a kid trapped in one of the rooms in that building,” my brother says pointing to the tall white building.” You need to rescue them otherwise they’ll do some bad things to him.”

“Got it,” I say, pulling on my gloves and getting my shock staff.

I get out of the van and make my way to the back.

“Bro, where should I go?” I question, knowing he can hear me through the Comms.

" There should be a door it’s not locked but be careful, there are guards everywhere.”

I listen and carefully make my way through the dimly lit corridors stealthily. As I turn, I see a guard. I get out my stick- staff. It’s a silver cylinder that’s the size of my hand but if I click a red button it becomes a staff. I helped design it, getting inspiration from the Dora Milaje. I run through the corridor shocking the guard with the point, he falls to the floor mildly shaking as the electricity pulses through him. I quickly walk away and make my way towards the door.

“Keep going"

"I have an idea, crazy but it might work."

"what is it?"

"you have access to the lights right, turn them off. My senses work better when I can't see. I can use a few seconds of darkness to my advantage"

"Okay,hopefully this works"

The lights start flicking, a few moments of darkness then a few moments of light. I spot a guard walking towards me

He spots me, I run, push off the side of the wall and flip over him. Once I’ve landed I kick him in the back and he falls to the ground. There's a moment of darkness and I use that to make way away. He struggles to get up but manages to grab me and punches me. I feel a bruise coming so as retaliation I grab him and throw him against the wall. The lights go back to normal.

“Nice work sis”

I acknowledge the compliment and enter the room. It’s dimly lit but I can see a small boy cowering in the corner. I slowly walk towards him. He’s got light mocha hair and a small round face with freckles. He’s wearing a red jumper and some jeans. He’s shaking and tightly clutching a baby blue lion plushie.

“Hi,” I say softly bending down in if front of him.“I’m here to help you.”

He just looks at me, fearful but curious. He hugs the plushie to his chest.

“That’s a nice plushie, you when I was younger, I had a stuffed tiger, I called her RaRa, what’s his name?”

“Wally” he mutters.

“That’s a great name, my name is Amara, what’s your’s?”

“Benjamin Pierson”

“Benjamin Pierson, that’s a very nice name, can I call you Benji, you like that?”

he nods eagerly smiling.

“Okay Benji, I need to get you somewhere safe okay, do you trust me?”

He just nods. I pick him up and start walking, quite briskly out of the room and to the nearest exit.

“Sis, you found him?”

“Yeah I’m on my way”

“Is he okay?”

I look a the child in my arms, he looks calmer and honestly so adorable and innocent. I can’t imagine why someone would hurt him. He’s far too precious for this world. Once we make it into the van I make a silent promise to try and protect him from the dangers of the world.

-end flashback

I hear a knock on my door and quickly try and wipe the tears away

“Come in”

Sayid walks in he seems okay then his expression turns sad when he sees me holding the plushie. Benny meant as much to him and he did to me.

“You found it”

“Yeah, I really miss him,” I say feeling tears form again in my eyes.

“Hey, don’t cry, I miss him too” he responds bending down and hugging me tightly.“He’s going to a better place, which he deserves, hopefully, we’ll see him one day”

“inshallah,” I whisper.

“Inshallah,” he says.

My phone gets a text

Notorious/Nefarious Nine

Kylie: Park in t minus 10 mins‼. don’t be late, also bring snacks I’m rlly hungry 🤣

“I’m happy she says she’s hungry. she’s almost put the anorexia behind her” Sayid says.

“Same let’s go, can’t leave them waiting”

We get up off the floor I carefully put the plushie back in its case and shut the attic door. It reminds me too much of something I need to keep behind me.

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