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Only You - Season 1

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I hate that no matter what you do, I just can't unlove you. My fucking stupid heart will always choose you, only you- Aliana Emerson.

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Chapter 1

Aliana’s POV

"Aliana! Please, don't do this! I-I beg you, please," Evan begged me with horror dripping on his face. I was holding a very sharp scalpel in my hand, pointing it at the people before me. My body was shaking and heart beats were irregular. I mean no harm to anyone here but myself. I want to end myself to protect them from that monster. The monster who took everything from me. My parents, my brother, my happiness, everything. He ruined me, crushed my soul and left me with nothing but darkness, "Aliana, throw that thing away and come to me. I promise-

"He will hurt you, Evan," I interrupted him, my vision blurred as tears ran down my cheeks inconsolably, "He will hurt you and anyone that comes in his way. I can't let this happen. I can't bear losing anyone anymore!"

"Aliana, he's dead!" He said, his voice soft and convincing, "Officer Kevin encountered him himself!"

"You're lying!" I said and everyone in the room froze, "I heard your conversation with officer Kevin where you were telling him to find him before he finds me! So, this time I will make sure that he finds me dead!"

"It wasn't about him!!" He said, but I didn't believe him. I know it was only about him. They all are lying to me, "I inspected his dead-body myself, Aliana. It was him. Believe me, h's not coming back," He assured but I wasn't ready to buy it. I looked around. My doctor and care taker were looking at me with pity eyes. They think the shock of losing everything in a blink of an eye has driven me mad. But the truth is I have no reason to live anymore. Everything and anyone that I ever loved has either left me or died. And now, my will of living is also died. I no longer want to live. I looked at Evan and turned the scalpal at me. His eyes widen and a frightened scream escaped his lips as I closed my eyes and jabbed the knife into my gut to end my misery.

Warm blood oozed out of me like a fountain and the extreme pain trembled my entire body. I looked down at my blooded self and collapsed with a startled gasped.

"NO!!!" Evan screamed and rushed towards me. He held me in his arms and screamed for help madly. I gulped and looked up at him. He was crying hard, and looking so helpless and hurt. I opened my mouth to apologise to him but the pain was too much, it was so hard to even breath.

"Hey, hey! You gotta stay, you have to to stay. Please, please I beg you, don't-don't leave me," He cried, caressing my cheek, "Please, Aliana, don't leave me!"

"I'm sorry," I mouthed and he cried harder. I heard my doctor calling an ambulance.

The pain reached my head and turned my consciousness weak and blank. I looked at the ceiling above me with barely open eyes and everything went almost silent. My old days begin to flash before my eyes—the days when my brother, and parents were alive. When everything was so beautiful, and fun. When I used to be so much happy and full of life. When he was there—there to protect me, to love me, to take care of me.

"No, please. Aliana? Aliana?! Aliana?!!"

I gulped with efforts, Evan's and others voices were becoming low and my surroundings were darkening rapidly. The terrible pain was leaving me slowly as I closed my eyes and welcomed the death with open arms with the regret of not only can't seeing him one last time but also for couldn't knowing the reason of why he abandoned me never came back.

Inspite of everything that happened till now, I still wanna say that I still love you Jason Black, I love you.


“Mommy? Mom? Troy is irritating me,” I exclaimed by clambering on the bed to protect myself from him.

“Ho ha shorty, no one can save you today,” he smirks evilly before sending a pillow to me.

“Aahh! Troy, it hurts,” I complained by throwing the same pillow on him, which he quickly catches.

He smiled cockily “Say I am the best, say Troy Emerson is the best person in this world,” He said by bouncing the pillow from one hand to another.

“Ha, never! I won’t cal- BANG! My words left in the air as his pillow struck me hard and caused me to fell on the boxes with a thud.

“Ahh! Mom Troy again hit me,” I cried, balancing myself on my elbows.

“Hey, Anna shh,” He said, coming over to me “Okay, okay get up,” Grabbing my forearm, he tries to soothe me, but I jerk his hand off and wailed like a little 3-year-old girl.

He sighed.

“Mom!” I exclaimed, “Mom!” Crying with fake tears as I looked up at him I frown to no end cause he was smiling. Smirking devilishly he suddenly brushed his hand through his dark brown hair then winked.

“What the-

The jerking sound of the door snapped our head over it. As I saw my mom I whined dramatically. “Mommy!”

She looked at Troy then spontaneously at me. “Oh my god, Anna, get up, honey,” She said while helping me up. “Troy Emerson! How could you do this to your sister?”

“Mom, she doesn’t hurt that much as she’s pretending. Besides, she fell on those boxes,” He pointed out.

“Filled with the hard stuff,” I finish, caressing my back.

“You never treat her like sis. She’s your twin sister Troy. Treat her like sis, not like a brother,” She yelled.

“Mom, I’m just making her strong besides-

“SHUT UP!... I will tell your dad about this.” Mom interrupted, glaring at him.

His face dropped colors as he heard Dad. Trembling he said “D-Dad... Mom Mom Mom, please don’t tell this to dad I-I-I’m sorry Anna, I won’t do this again, I swear,” He said, fear dripping on his face.

I smirked at him from mom’s back.

“But tell her to not play with me anymore” He added. I frowned and looked at mom, who was now looking at me uncertainly.

“You were playing?” She asked me, her tone not at all kind.

My eyes widen.


“No! No no he’s-he’s lying! I-I wasn’t playing, he was playing with me without my Will,” I justify myself.

He gasps “What? C’mon Anna, you were the one who hit me first. Now stop lying and promise Mom that you would never play with me,” He said naively.

Oh my goodness he’s so smart

I shook my head “Mom, trust me, I wasn’t playing,” I said, honest, but she doesn’t seem to believe me.

“Oh, really?” She looked at Troy and then looking back at me she added “Seeing the state of my boy. It’s clear to anticipate who is lying.”

Oh, so that was the reason why he brushed his hair.

“C’mon Anna, have some shame and accept it.” He said.

I narrowed my eyes and said, “If you don’t stop lying, then I will tell dad about your girlfriend.”

Shrugging off his shoulder, he casually replies, “Everyone already knows about that, and I’m 18, I can have a girlfriend”.

“I’m talking about the other girlfriend,” As these words left my mouth his face dropped.

Now I know he got to know which girlfriend I am talking about, I smiled evilly, and he glowered.

“What is she talking about?” Mom questioned, reminding us of her presence.

He looked at Mom and smiled nonchalantly “N-nothing mom, she’s just teasing me.” He showed me eyes as a warning and I winked in return.

“Can anyone care to tell me what’s going on?” Mom said a little loud.

I chuckled “I’m just teasing him, Mom. There’s nothing to worry about.” I said, dismissively.

“Sure?” She asked, unconvinced.

I nodded, smiling.

“Oh god! You both are so bad, I’m already late, and you’re wasting my time,” Saying this, she huffed.

I smiled, placed my hands on her shoulder, and said, “Don’t worry about us mom,” Propelling her to the door, I added, “We are good, right Troy?” I asked, looking at him. He forcibly nodded.

“Uff, I don’t know how to deal with you. Both of you pack your things as fast as you can. Victor will be here anytime,” Halting by the door she looked at us and added, “Don’t you dare to bother me again.”

“We won’t,” I assure.

She sighed and walked away, but the soon she disappeared, the quicker she returned. “You both are impossible!”

We chuckled “Sorry for bothering you. Now go before dad arrives,” Troy said.

“Pack your thin-

“Everything’s packed already, now go” I cut her off.

“Ok, but don’t forget to have your breakfa-

“MOM!” We both exclaimed in unison.

“Okay, okay, get down quickly” With this, she finally walked away.

I shut the door behind me and turned to him.

“Now tell me what you want me to do to make your mouth bolted,” He grumbled, putting his hands on his waist.

“Um, let me think,” I clear my throat before saying, “How about doing my homework?“.

“Homework? Hell no!” As I started walking out he quickly added “Okay, fine, I’ll do-I’ll do your homework.”

“How sweet of you, brother,” I said and nip his jowl teasingly. He groaned and shoved me on the bed.

“You’re a jerk!” I grumbled, throwing a cushion on him, but as usual, he caught it. “Well, stop smoking. It’s injurious to health,” I added, getting up.

“Sorry but I can’t break up with my lovely girlfriend,” He answered before going into the bathroom.


“Everyone ready?” Dad asked, we nodded with excitement. “Ok, then let’s go!” He shouted before starting the engine.

Today we are going back to Australia after 10 years. I and Troy were born in Australia but have grown up in Canada. As our grandparents live in Australia we used to go there on holiday, but now we are going to live there forever.

I am thrilled and super excited, but Troy isn’t.

“C’mon, Troy. You can’t act like a lovesick teenager. You’re 18,” I tried to light him up.

“Shut up, and I’m not thinking about her,” He mumbled with closed eyes.

“See, I didn’t mention her,” I babbled in a mocking tone.

He shot his eyes open and looked at me annoyed “Anna, please! We have an interminable journey, and I want to sleep!” As he yelled my eyes widen.

“Ok, ok, you can sleep... Good night.” I said before looking at the city which I’m gonna miss so much.

I pray that my life ahead will also give me unforgettable memories.


After a long reckless flight as we finally reached our house, I couldn’t help but gasp.

“Lovely!!” I exclaimed, rushing inside.

My new house was exquisite from both out and inside. I went upstairs, then down, then again up and down. I did it severely with the same exciting pace and did not get tired. I wasn’t getting enough of exploring my new house as it was wonderful.

The next day I woke up at 10:43, because of being hell tired. Yeah, yesterday was so exhausting, and after my race throughout the house, painful too.

“Wanna measure the backyard too?” Troy teased by the door of the bathroom. I looked at him through the mirror and smiled.

He frowned with a tiny smile “What?” He asked, lifting his shoulders.


“ALIANA?!!!” He shrieked as I emptied the cup of water on his face.

“Get out!!” I said, shoving him and shutting the door at his face.


At the dining table, Dad informed us that our house is very near to our university. I disappointed that now I won’t be able to cycle all the way home.

“Don’t use your stupid brain wheels, sis. He means it’s nearer than the last one. You still can cycle,” He told, shoving a spoonful in his mouth.

I smiled, not kindly.

It took an entire day to unload the stuff; due to this, the entire house was a mess. My mother and I were badly tired because of setting the house since morning. We both do not even have the strength to cook. So we ordered.


The next morning I woke up at 6 am, had my breakfast, and at around 9′ o clock, we left for college admission.

When our car stopped in front of the magnificent building standing with its glory, I gasp audibly.

Both Troy and Dad chuckled as I looked at them with an open mouth. Troy extended his hand; then, putting his index finger beneath my chin, he closed my open mouth.

“You gotta be kidding on me?” I asked, still shocked.

“No one is kidding,” Dad winks. I beamed, throwing my hands around Dad happily.

“Well, I was the one who told him about your dream college,” Troy says from my back.

“Aww, Thank you so much, sweet brother,” I said, hugging him too.

He shrugged and put his goggles on with a boyish attitude. "You're welcome."


“Finally, everything is over,” Troy breath out after coming out from the principal office.

I nodded, sighing.

"What Dad's doing in there?" I questioned, pointing my finger.

"Talking with our admin about the facilities and all." He answered, more like grumbled.

After about 10 minutes, when I started feeling jaded, I decided to take a university stroll. I asked Troy, and luckily he agreed. Dropping a message to Dad, we moved, but just when we took a step, his phone buzzed.

Dad - Don’t dare to go anywhere ... Your admissions are done, from tomorrow on you will start coming over here. You can take a walk as much as you want. Now, wait inside the car... I’ll be there in a moment.

“What is it?” I asked Troy.

He sighed audibly “Dad wants us to wait for him by the car. No strolls for today” Hearing him I groan.

“Come on shorty, let’s go. Besides, he’s right, we can have a stroll any day,” He lectured. I huffed and started to the exit with him following me.

When I opened my car's door, my eyes went over the boys who were playing basketball in the playground. I halted and watched them inquisitively.

My brother is a pro-B-ball player, he has won so many tournaments, so I too have some interest in sports. While watching them my eyes suddenly spotted a very handsome boy.

Oh, my my he is damn hot and ultimately gorgeous, like seriously! Boys like him exist?.

While watching him fascinatingly I got to know that he’s definitely the best player among them because none of the boys succeeded to stop him from striking goals by goals. Also, everyone around him was cheering him only.

“Jason! Jason! Jason! Jason! Whooo!!!“,

Jason! Nice name.

“Hello!” Troy’s palm at my eyes bought my attention to him. Looking at me uncertainly he said “Where have I lost you, huh? I’m calling you again and again, but you’re not responding.”

I sucked my lower lip and said. “I was watching the handsome him.”

“Handsome who?” He asked gathering wrinkles under his eyes. I turned and indicated my index finger on the boy named Jason.

Just as he turned he got to see an excellent goal from him. I smiled.

“Wow, he’s an excellent player,” He commented, looking at him with admiration.

Frowning I turned to him, then placing my hands on his shoulder, turned him too.

“What?” He asked, lifting his shoulders.

I replied, “I’m showing you his hotness, and you’re watching the game?”

“First, I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear my sister calling a guy hot, and second, I’m not gay,” He said sarcastically.

“Well, his girlfriend must be the luckiest girl ever,” I stated, smiling.

“Shut your mouth. Dad is coming” As soon as he said, I seal my mouth and planted an innocent smile.


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