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This book plays on fears people never knew they had and it runs out the scenario to its end. No one is afraid of their cell phones, laptops or Wi-Fi routers and smart electronics as we all assume because we created it, it was of our own inspiration and we control and own it. The scenario is this; what if all we have ever done is accept influence and inspiration, to physically create a new home for beings of pure energy. What happens if the true owners of all the techno wonders we built, want back what belongs to them? Vaccines, viral programming and Nano technology are all introduced in the first five chapters, which is what I have included for you to review. Sometimes when the world has gone mad, like it is now, it can be far more effective to reach people through their imaginations, than it is by ranting and yelling at them. This book is a reflection of our current world, told as a sci-fi thriller and there are no shortages of comparative analogies to entertain the reader. Due to my sarcastic humor, the reader takes a roller coaster ride of either laughing or being terrified. There a many characters in this book, each section has its own set of lead characters, however it is more true to life to have as many different characters as possible, that share common traits.

Thriller / Scifi
Douglas Jack
Age Rating:



What does it mean to be human? If we are nothing more than our possessions and gadgets, then we are trash collectors and only worth what we surround ourselves with. Sideways is a term used for devious and deceptive behaviour and it also happens to be a term for committing suicide and in this fictional story, humanity goes “sideways” in a rather epic fashion. If you are looking for a mindless, thrill ride where you are textually entertained and all of the thinking is done for you, this might not be the book for you. Through the imagination of the reader, this book will challenge those with ideas and concepts that very few have ever really considered.

As children we were afraid of monsters under our beds, until we got older and wiser and realised those monsters where just in our heads. As children we didn’t fear nuclear war or dying, until we got older and realised it was far worse than any monster, we ever had hiding under our beds. What seems friendly and benign today, might very well terrify you into a coma tomorrow. That is what life is like, when living in a world where no one is absolutely certain about the truth of anything; you see someone approaching you and smiling…are they smiling because they’re happy to see you, or is it because they’re about to take advantage of you?

In this book, the reader will be taken down a dark and twisted journey into the unknown realm of Agenda and all inspired by one scenario. That being, what if all we have ever done is to be inspired to create a world and technology, for entities that are trapped and bound as pure energy? What if those beings decide they want back what belongs to them? What would happen to our world, if those same creatures hated humanity or anything of the natural order, beyond what we can comprehend?

If evil is anywhere, it most certainly will not be in the obvious places where the source of it can be identified. No, if evil is going to be anywhere, it will be where it can do the most damage and that is always were you can’t see it because it’s either molecular in size, electrical in it nature or pure influence and we can’t see any of it with the naked eye. We can however, suffer from the effects of it and even though evil can’t pick up a rock and hit you with it, it doesn’t have to. We are more than capable of doing that to each other and usually over stupid things, which really aren’t that important.

In this story, humanity is taken to the brink of extinction over the lust and desire of technological conveniences and self-centred ideologies and in the end, only faith in something greater than electricity, will save the species. The characters, even though they are all fictional, give the reader a sense of realism in what they are experiencing, as they are either laughing from the more comical side of human nature, or being terrified from the presence of the absolute unnatural.

I hope it is a meaningful and epic journey for you.

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