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Mark is a simple private detective. "Find me Mark" that's when it's all started. He thought it was an usual thread... Until ADAM died, his mentor. "We leave this town now" said his wife's. ISLAND He is still haunted by the killer's messages ... All he wants is to keep his family safe. "Stop this non sense, I don't wanna play your game" "Oh! Darling you already playing it" The killer is not an ordinary person. So is mark. He decides to dig more about that case from the beginning. "I never been this confused in my life" "Aw that's the beauty of the secrets" He did solve the case but the result is not what he expected. In the end, everything is fake. THE ISLAND.... THE SOCIETY.... THE FAMILY.....

Thriller / Mystery
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Mark is a private detective who solved more than 100 cases, simply saying he is smart enough to solve anything related to science and what if emotions involved than in it. Recently he received threads to his family which is usually ignored, but it’s real now.

There are only three people important to him His wife, 3-year-old son Mathew, and his mentor Adam. Mary is his wife, they are in the bond for 3 years and now, his son Mathew and Adam he is the only person who knows Mark for years, he guides him to teach him on the path of life.

Other than them, Mark has no one to relate to.

A director’s death case has been disturbing his thoughts now because the killer said, “find me Mark” “I know you like to find criminals” these words are echoing his mind. He ignored it completely which is the biggest mistake he ever made.

“Adam is dead” hearing this news made all of his hope in life fall.

“I can’t lose another member,” said his wife. She advised him to take a break from his work and do her mother’s business for a while. At first, he won’t accept it then he does, so he decides to go to his wife’s native island for a new start-up, trying to forget he lost. But the killer won’t leave him alone. His game continued to haunt him.

Then he decides to solve the mysterious murder of Adam. The results are not what he expected. The killer is not just a killer. The accident is not an accident. Nothing turns out everything he is not prepared for. The adventures start to thrive.

Does he find the key? Or does he lose all the people he has now?

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