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Killer’s next target

Mark was horrified, “What happened? “, She asked, looking at his frightened face. His heartbeat raced. Should he tell her? Or Should he take the matters into his own hands?

His mind was searching for an answer. He then after a long thought replied to her question.

“We have a job to complete before I resign”, Her face surprise with so many questions.

“Please don’t make me go without you MARKKK, you just lost Adam now, I can’t risk Mathew's life too. If you decide to stay here, then we need a break”, she said and started packing things.

“Mary Wait! Don’t go, Adam’s loss makes me insane, we need a break from this work, this place”, Mark truly meant it. “you can say anything to me, why don’t you understand? I’m here to listen”, she said.

He just looking at her eye with no words. she hugged him.

“Okay, let’s go to the island we can stay as long you want”, Mary’s words seemed right to him. He decided to go with an extra backup.

“can I invite Smith? We need some time too”, “sure, Mathew likes him too”, she said.

Smith is a great friend. Mark is an open book only to him; he makes Mark happy. A few hours later they skyped her son which calmed their minds,

Mark neither sleeps nor talks, his mind is still processed with Adam’s memory. that night passed silently.

Mark said to Mary that he has some work to finish before going to the island, she agrees. she started to arrange things for their little vacation,

Few days Mark never left his study room. He started to go through the case, gathering pieces of evidence. Nothing leads to the correct path, he started to scroll the previous messages from the killer. Mark listed a few things to do, the very first thing is to visit Adam’s house, to collect some clues.

Adam’s friends called him to ask about his absence. He is the only constant person in Mark’s life.

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