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Escape To Texas (Texas Adventure Series Book 3)

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After her mother's death, twenty year old Brooklyn Foster inherited a huge amount of money from her, but little did she know that it would be the cause of all her worries. Her stepfather and step brother made her life a living hell. Tortured and abused beyond words, she escaped to a small town in Texas to hide from her tormentors. There she met the gorgeous Blade Summers, who not only provided her shelter in his home but also saved her from her tormentors. How? Read this exciting tale of adventure, danger, love, passion and caring.

Thriller / Romance
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"I'll get down here, stop the car please," said twenty year old Brooklyn Foster to the middle aged cab driver. He stopped the cab in front of the only church in Travis Springs, Hays county, Texas. Maybe the woman came here to attend a wedding, he thought. He sped off after getting his fare.

Brooklyn knew that no one would find her in an old church in such a small town in Texas. Her stepfather and step brothers were all atheists, they would never come here. Smiling to herself for the first time in three weeks, she went inside and looked for a place to spend a few days.

She didn't have much money to rent a room and she couldn't use her credit and debit cards either. They would surely track her down.

She found a few steps on the side of the church which were blocked by a huge shrub growing near it. There was a washroom nearby too. She sat down with her small bag. That was all she could manage to sneak out with. It had her documents, her bank cards, some cash, a few changes of clothes and her educational certificates.

It also had the legal documents, her mother's last will before her death, to prove that she indeed was the rightful owner of her huge inheritance. That was the cause of all her problems. Her own father had died when she was four years old. He had a fatal accident when the motorcycle that he was riding was hit by a speeding truck. Her grandmother brought her up since her mother remarried John F. Morris, who had two sons from his previous marriage, Keith and Jeffrey. They were both twins and were ten years older than Brooklyn. When her grandmother died, Brooklyn was a clumsy thirteen year old teenager. Since she had no one to go to, her mother brought her to live with them.

She hated her stepfather and stepbrothers at first sight. Their dirty glances and constant teasings, made her squirm in discomfort. Her mother put her in a boarding school and thankfully she could leave home, which didn't feel like her home though.

After she graduated from school, her mother admitted her to a college in Seattle and she was glad to be away from her stepfather and his family who lived in Vancouver. She never went home during her holidays and it was her mom who visited her sometimes. She looked forward to these rare visits. Brooklyn was a happy girl, with lots of positivity. She never questioned why her mom married such a filthy man and lived with him. It was her life and if she didn't wish to share, she didn't prod her.

She knew her mom inherited a huge amount of money and properties from her grandfather when he died. Her grandmother also left all her jewelry to her only daughter, Brooklyn's mom. She never asked her about it. It didn't interest her. She wanted to become a lawyer and studied hard for it. She was majoring in economics and in her free time she worked as an assistant to a lawyer Thomas Pine. He was a middle aged family man. He was also her mother's lawyer and when he offered Brooklyn a part time job as his assistant, she pounced upon it.

For two years she worked hard at college and also at her job. So, when the news of her mother's death came, she was shocked. Her mom didn't suffer from any illness. She was fit and healthy. The cause of her death was accidental fall from excessive drinking. It was a very suspicious cause as her mom wasn't alcoholic and never drank more than three glasses. Brooklyn knew her very well. Her mom didn't have a good alcohol tolerance and she abstained from drinking too much.

She went to Vancouver to attend her mom's funeral. Little did she know that it would change her life forever. After the funeral, her mom's lawyer was summoned. He read out her mom's will to the family. It seemed that all her inheritance as well as her jewellery went to Brooklyn.

Her stepfather and stepbrothers were besides themselves with anger. They abused and cursed her mom. She was scared of them. Thomas Pine wanted to take her back to Seattle with him, but he was escorted away by her stepbrothers to God knows where. After five days, she heard of Thomas Pine's untimely death due to a road accident while returning home late at night. It seemed that he was under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred. Brooklyn knew that her stepbrothers might be behind the death, but she had no proof.

They locked her up in the house. They wanted her to sign away every single penny to their name. Her stepfather beat her inhumanely. She wasn't given proper meals too. It was when her stepbrothers tried to rape her forcefully that she became desperate to escape. Once they were stopped by her stepfather but she knew that ultimately that would be her fate if she didn't escape. So when they were drinking at night and had forgotten to lock her door after giving her a little bread and soup for dinner, she saw her chance. She placed some pillows on the bed and covered them with the blanket. From the door it would look like she was asleep. It would give her ample time to make her escape. She had already packed an emergency bag for herself. Thomas Pine had given her the original will discreetly during her mom's funeral. She had hidden it under her dress and brought it home.

The fake will was under her stepfather's custody but he was too illiterate to know. She had some cash that she had brought from Seattle with her. When her stepfather went to his room. Keith went to vomit in the washroom of his room. Jeffrey was already out, his eyes closed, he was sprawled out over the lounger in the family room, before the TV, where some hardcore adult movie was playing.

She sneaked out of her room and made a dash for the main door. Going out she shut the door as quietly as possible and ran to the main road. She bought a mobile phone and some food. She withdrew some money from a nearby ATM. Hailing a cab she headed straight for the airport. She ate on the way. She also copied all her important details from her old phone to her new one. She then switched off and dismantled her old phone, taking out the sim and throwing it all into a garbage bin, when the cab stopped at a signal.

Satisfied with herself, so far, she booked herself a flight to Austin, Texas. It was just on the spur of the moment that she decided upon Austin. She heard from a passenger that the flight to Austin would depart in two hours.

After six hours she reached her destination. She booked into a cheap motel for the night. Next morning she bought some clothes and took a cab to the nearest small town. Checking her phone, she liked Travis Springs. So here she was, sitting at the church stairs, thinking about her next step. She had already run out of cash and now needed a job, but who would give her a job in this unknown town?


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