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Short stories~

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In this book, i guess it will be short stories in every chapter. The stories can and most likely be or have a dark ending but i will write other stuff to.

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Cemetery friend

Cemetery friend ~
Word count: 135

You open the heavy metal gates and walk in, as the light rain covers everything around you.

The faint rain drops, drizzle all over your umbrella barely touching your black coat.

You were in a cemetery.

Why? Because you were visiting your friend. The rain got a bit stronger as you walk up to her grave. You close your umbrella, letting the rain finally hit your hair.

You kneel on the ground in front of her grave.

"How does it feel down there?" You whisper slowly and quietly.

You find yourself smiling as you get up and get your umbrella. Walking out of the cemetery you can still recall what you heard when you were kneeling; a very faint voice, screaming.

"Now you know... Never. Betray me again"

The end.

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