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The news

The news~
Word count: 361

It was a late afternoon, you and your friend were at your cottage.

You two stayed there for a week already and had 2 days left.

At the moment you were in the kitchen, cooking some food and your friend was in the living room turning on the news.

"Special news tonight, after 6 years the mysterious serial killer was finally caught" the news lady said.

This caught your eye, drying your hands with a towel, you walk in the living room. You lean on the couch and lisen to the news.

"His name is Mike Williams, a 26 year old, male. He is going to prison for a lifetime and maybe sentence to death, here is a message from...."

"Wow, thats- 6 years he wasn't caught" your friend commented.

"Thats nice but I think they got the wrong person" you say

Your friend turns and faces you.
"What do you mean?"

"I mean they got almost the right info, I'm not 26 year old and my name is definitely not mike" you say looking her in the eyes.

Your friend stared at you.

"Funny joke, you scared the shit out of me for a second there" your friend says as she turns back to face the TV.

She knows its you, she figured it out.

You know that she knows.

She knows, that you know, that she knows.

You could see the slight bit of fear in her eyes throught the reflection of the TV as you stand up and walk towards her.

You didn't want to kill her. But there was no other choice, she would have told someone eventually and the news would have spread like wild fires.

And then the real serial would have been caught.

After all, you did know how to hide a dead body, I mean you did it for 6 years, right?

The end.

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