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The Psychopath's Love

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Victim #1

It was another week of the same thing. Ferenc had interviews with magazines about his success and business meetings about his companies’ well-being. Every single day was nothing but a bore, and there was nothing that brought him excitement.

However, there was one thing.

His urges were getting the best of him, making his body tremble, but it didn’t trouble him. Ferenc didn’t understand why people like him would try to hold it back; he smirked. Whenever he gave in to his urges, it brought him to life.

The want and need to kill; the blood.

The action alone brought him ecstasy. He looked at his phone and looked at a site; he found a victim. Ferenc was part of a sugar daddy site, and all he had to do was get the most believable but fake profile pictures of a handsome man and create a fake occupation; he got many likes and messages from many women.

It was too perfect.

Ferenc believed that women were pathetic and insolent that wanted men to care for their every need. He just finished talking to a young woman who was nineteen years of age. She hit him up a month ago, and they’ve been in contact. She had doubts that s such a good-looking man would exist, and she wanted to call. He used a speaking device to hide his voice; it made her believe him.

It was too easy.

He gained her trust, and she told me what she sought. The young woman had no job or interest in working or attending school. She just wanted to live in wealth without doing anything; she was asked about her family life. Her father was never in the picture, and her mother was hardly home since she would travel for work.

It was perfect for him.

They would meet at one of the many homes Ferenc owned in a small village. In actuality, the village was empty. It was bought for tourism to earn a profit. Now, Ferenc was waiting in the house. All the houses were lit to make it seem like people were in the village. He checked the time, and it was almost 9 pm; she would arrive anytime.

The young woman eventually arrived, and excitement filled him. There was a knock on the door, and he opened it. She was a bit chunky than her profile picture but had a pretty face because of the makeup. She had long blonde hair, many freckles on her face, and a bit on her shoulders. She wore a mini black dress that made her breast plumper. Her legs were long and slightly plump; her buttocks were almost seen.

“Typical whore,”he thought.

When she saw Ferenc, her eyes widened. “Y-You! It can’t be you! You’re Ferenc Nadasy!”

“The one and only. Apologies for the profile. I don’t want the media to know what I’m doing. I hope you don’t mind.”

She let out a squeal. “I can’t believe it! THE Ferenc Nadasy! I must be dreaming!”

He smirked and motioned her to enter the house. “Please come in. I would love to explain everything to you.” Once the young woman entered, Ferenc closed the door and locked it shut. He led her to the dining room, where the food was ready.

They sat on their seats, and Ferenc served the wine; he smiled at her. “I am sure you are wondering why I would be on a sugar baby site. I miss the companionship, but I’m not interested in anything serious.”

“Oh, you say that, baby. With me here, who knows, you might change your mind.” She took a sip of the wine.

“You seem quite confident in yourself. I like that, Miss...”

“Elina, baby. Trust me when I tell you, I’ll treat you right, and you might change your mind.”

He raised an eyebrow as he ate a piece of his meat; he also felt annoyed as he looked at Elina. “Eat more and drink your fill; I wouldn’t want you to go hungry.”

“Don’t worry; I won’t tell a soul! I wouldn’t want anyone to take you away from me!”

“Of course, you won’t tell a soul. You won’t be able to anyway.”

The woman wanted to talk, but then she began to sway a bit. “Hey, I feel a bit sick.” The drug was taking effect. Before Elina arrived, Ferenc put in a drug that would weaken her.

“As I said, you won’t be able to tell a soul of our little arrangement. I was looking for someone to satisfy me tonight. What I want is blood.” He then got a hold of my dinner knife and stood. Elina’s eyes were filled with fear, and she ran towards the door, but he threw the knife on her back before she could. “Bingo.” She yelped in pain and fell to the floor. Ferenc then got my hunting knife that he hid under the table and slowly walked to her. Elina tried dragging herself to the door and screamed for help, but the drug weakened her. “No one will help you, woman. This village is empty. I bought it for this purpose, to satisfy my urges. I love to rid of whores like yourself.” Ferenc then kicked her head to the floor. She begged for her life; he got on top of her and stabbed her on the back of her neck.

She screamed and tried to fight back, but it was pointless; Ferenc kept at it. The crunches and blood made him feel alive. “What a feeling! I never wanted this to stop!” he yelled in ecstasy. Her movement stopped, and Ferenc stabbed her in the head one last time.

She was dead.

Her blood splattered on him; he took a deep breath and licked some of her blood.

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