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The Zen’s

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The Zen’s house was filled with horror. No one dared to go in the house. One day, Carter Villenson lost something in the house. There was no choice but to go in. That’s when Carter made the worst but best mistake of all time!

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Chapter 1

The wind howled in Maryland, tree leaves were shaking off of trees. I was in front of the Zen’s house, all alone. No one really lived on the street where the Zen’s lived. Although no one lived there, it was still an active house. At night, sometimes people hear talking in the house. Also, if you got lost in it… you would have no exit! That’s why to this very day, I wondered, “Is there a way to get a cure for the scariness?” I always thought that until the actual day I went in, but that was after this other story I’m about to tell you about.

The Zen’s go back to the 1930’s. When Clara Zen had her first baby, while she was married to Mark Zen, the baby didn’t make it. It died of illness! With that happening, 2 months later after the baby died, Clara died of depression. Mostly because of the baby dying. And the dad you might ask? Well, some say he choked on food or hung himself in the house.

After everyone dying, the spirts of Clara and Mark are in there, and they have been… for 89 years. With that case, the Zen’s house is turning 89 years old tomorrow! I’m not really saying I’d go in there, but I was just thinking of how anyone went in there, It would be way worse of a scare.

I was walking home from school as I stopped in front of the house. There was a window open and the curtains on the windows were blowing. I felt like I was getting hypnotized and paranoid. As I was stuck looking at the house, it was like I couldn’t look away. What broke my attention was something breaking from inside the house. I quickly woke out from what kind of daydream I was in and ran off.
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