His Fatal Obsession

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Antonio, 35 lives in a rural village in Mexico and is looked down upon because of his parentage. He is a product of rape and his own family hate him. He feels that love does not exist for him and his desire to live is minimum, but all that changes. Antonio meets Milagros, 23 who visits the village to teach the village children. Her kindness brings his heart to life. He does not want her to leave, he does not want her to be in another man's arms. He will do everything in his power to make her stay. Anything. Photo by Jasper Graetsch on Unsplash Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

Thriller / Romance
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(Warning! Forcing in this chapter!)

In a village in Oaxaca...

Night has overtaken in the country of Mexico, especially in village. The village has been around more than two hundred years and many natives live within the village. All the people worked with one another and saw each other as family. All the people were poor, but were happy on whatever they had and could find. One day, the village gained assistance from an organization from the United States. The organization assisted with food, clothes and education.

The people within the village were eternally grateful.

However, there was one person, a young woman of the age of eighteen that was well known and beloved. She was also considered the most beautiful woman in the history of their village. Many men asked for her hand, but she would refuse them.

Her name was Ixchel. Her skin was light brown with beautiful eyes that lit like gold. Her hair was long and was dark as the night. The young woman had a thin build and she also wore handmade clothing and jewelry that she made herself. She had many dreams to get educated and to on day to go to a university to become a doctor to help her people on their time of need. Ixchel was being educated by a man who worked within the organization.

He fell for her and wanted her, but he knew that it was against the organization’s policies. One day, the man asked her to be with him. Ixchel was honored, she admitted that the man was very handsome and good willed, but she thought more of her future. However, Ixchel knew her father would not accept a foreigner. She respected her parents so much that she rejected the man.

The man felt sadness, anger and so much rejection in every fiber in his being. One night, the organization was going to move to another village and the man drank alcohol to drown his anger and sorrows.

He felt that he needed to see her one more time. He walked through many hills and to a river. He walked through many of the trees and he stopped in his tracks. He looked through many trees and saw the woman that plagued him, Ixchel.

She was bathing by the river. She was nude, the moonlight made her hair and skin light up in the darkness. It took his breath away. He walked towards her. His foot landed on a branch which startled Ixchel. She turned and covered much of her body as she could.

*What are you doing here?* she asked.

The man slowly took off his shirt, revealing his well toned muscular body and then slowly unbuckled his belt. “You...”

Fear consumed Ixchel and she began to run, but the man was too quick for her. He grabbed her and threw her to the grassy earth.

*No! Please!* she pleaded as tears fell from her eyes.

Her pleas went deaf to the man’s ears. Desire and want overcame him. He unbuckled his pants, took them off and his erect cock sprung out.

Ixchel cried and yelled with all her might, hoping someone would come and save her.

No one did.

She kicked, scratched and hit him, but it was futile. The man above her held her hands together with just one hand. He got his cock and put in on her entrance.

Ixchel was about to kick, when she felt pressure in her womanhood. She looked down in horror and the man’s cock was already inside her. Then the pain came, she felt something trailing down her leg and womanhood.


The man above her, moaned in utter pleasure as he was inside her. “Oh, you are very tight!” He began to thrust inside her, slowly, loving the feeling of being inside her. He began to thrust more and faster.

For Ixchel, the realization that she was being raped overcame her and she could not move, she felt that her spirit was gone from her body. The shock was too much that she could not move.

The man’s moans and thrusts were heard in the night. As the young woman was silent and powerless. Moments later, he let out a long and loud groan as he came inside her.

It was done.

The man, who is still drunk got dressed and kissed her and left.

Ixchel put herself in a fetus position and screamed.

9 months later...

*Push daughter! I can see the child’s head!*” yelled Ixchel’s mother.

There were other midwives in the wooden house.

After the rape, the man left first thing in the morning and days afterward, she was found to be pregnant. Her father was angered that his daughter was violated in a violent manner. However, nothing could be done as the organization left and many knew that there would be justice.

Ixchel was never the same, she stayed indoors, her motivation to achieve her dreams were gone.

Now, she was giving birth.

Blood came out like a river and she felt that she was losing her strength.

Then, a cry.

The baby was born, filled with blood.

*It is a boy!* said her mother as she held the child.

However, Ixchel was losing her strength to live. *Antonio, that is his...name....that...” She breathed her last breathe.

Her parents went to her. Her father held his only child. His pride and joy. He shook her, begging her to open her eyes, but it was futile. His daughter was gone.

Cries were only heard in the village and her son carries her legacy, but also the legacy of what was done to her. He was spared, but the child of the name Antonio, would not be seen the same way as his mother who died giving him life.

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