MASSACRE-fifth episode- Behind The Mass Blast

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Detective Athreya with his hyper observation skills think of an probable out come of the blast, he explains how the blast has planned

Thriller / Action
Nagaraj Bumula
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fifth episode- Behind The Mass Blast

Detective Athreya starts talking about the blast, some people around 4 to 5 came in truck to parking lot of the mall, they came to the mall with small version of BLU-82 under the truck, Jay stops the Athreya the theory and asks that do you mean! this bomb actually used for wping the forests used to kill people? How did they create the bomb of that big thing in small version? Athreya yells that... I'M NOT THE MURDERER, PUNK... how do I know that? I saw those particles of that bomb and smell of that bomb... Back to story- Every month the pillars of the mall and mall will decorated in different ways... These people came to the mall on the day before the blast and they searched every part of the mall for the right place for the bomb, but as planned they have to keep the bomb at either side of the pillars at main gate and fire gates of the mall, they successfully managed to keep the bomb in the right place as they planned... then the day of blast begin... then suddenly at the time of 1pm, around 100 people came to the mall for their unexpected plans and some of people came to the mall in the same outfit from different entries... as in police report, the bomb has blast at exactly 3pm, I don't know how did they activate or got blast... But, I know this... They took good care of no one noticing the bomb in pillars... but I got the doubt.. why? suddenly came 100 came to the mall exactly at 1pm... it bothers me alot... Jay catches up... may be these same outfit people converging those 100 people to this mall on this day... Athreya says may be... or? to see the decoration of the mall... yeah... Jay and Chaitanya Jr. says yeah... probably... okay... where I left out... Jay tells... those same outfit guys gets in the mall. yeah... let's continue... they may take every three minutes for checking every bomb in the pillars... then the clock is ticking... everyone is in joy and everyone having fun and serious talks about their lives, old age, tourists, all are involved in their moment, then the time arises... as in police report, because of the blast in hydrogen balloon house made the whole place down? only half of the part is true... because of the blast in the hydrogen blast of that balloon house exactly at 2:55pm, people got scared and ran towards the main gates and near by fire exit gates, when they reached for the gates, gates are closed... those same outfit fellows may be out by that time... people are scared maximum people are at the gates, gates are closed... some people are trying to break the doors... at the moment everyone crying for the help... yelling for the help... then clock tick for 3:00pm... KABOOOM!!! everyone at the doors because of the second blast at the doors in the pillars... smashed their lives within seconds... everyone died... kids... couples... friends... collugues... old age... family... tourists... everyone... everyone died... those cruel people... they want to see these people die.. Athreya (sobbing) says how can they do this to them? they're innocent... they don't know anything... why do they want to kill them? Jay and Chaitanya Jr. sobbing too. Jay says you told this incident as this happened infront our eyes... Athreya tells that's my hyper observation skills... Athreya comes out as in jet speed from the mall and sees the top of the mall... Jay and Chaitanya Jr. follows him and they also check the top of the mall... they ask him... sir, why are you here? why did you came like that? what happened sir? sir..? Detective Athreya answers, I have noticed something when I came into the mall... that the name of the mall was different before the blast and after blast... and Athreya yells... This is not even terrorists doing... or some other nations doing... This blast is because of a PSYCHO!!... Jay and Chaitanya Jr. shocks and asks why? and how did you find out? Athreya with pride smile have seen the name of the mall before the blast.. Jay answers yes... Athreya asks Do you see the same now?? Jay answers no.. Athreya asks what do you see the difference? Jay saw only first first five letters of three words of the name, He says in a way there is nothing wrong.. what happened only 'H' is broken and was in burn... Athreya- bright your eyes see clearly... Jay sees and say... okay.. 'P' is tilted and it was burn too... Jay moves his eyes little bit... See the letter "D" with horns still stightly on fire and made him shock... What!! why D is like that? Chaitanya Jr. says it is may be font... Athreya says... you brainless creature... whole font is American bold font, but D with horns is in different font and Jay catches up the conversation and say nothing special has happened inside the mall before the blast regarding that D with horns... Athreya says... So... Jay catches up... this has to be Psycho behind it... those outfit people must be his pawns of his... now everything make sense... by this... those three stare that letter D and take a pic, after the pic... Jay gonna it's been honoured to work with.... then Athreya was vanishes just like that... Chaitanya Jr. stares Jay... complete the sentence and look around for the Athreya and says... how does he do that... I have learn that thing... then Jay goes home and sleeps...
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