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Story of yuri , a Korean girl who was adopted by a American rich family But the later started to avoid her She keeps exposing the evry school So she always get expelled after each year

Thriller / Fantasy
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WHEN YURI was a child her dad left her and her mom all alone later her mom was not able to take care of yuri too . So, she decided to leave yuri in a child care home when yuri was just 3 years old .

Poor yuri cried all day and night waiting for hrr mom to be back
Though she was you she forgot everything about her mom and dad.

When she was four, suddenly she heard a call from back "yurii..." "yess..!" she answered
She rushed to down stairs when she reached the nurse's offic room she saw a pretty woman
And a handsome man they both looked very glamorous and gentle. When she saw them she was nervous because she never met them before. The man asked, Yuri are you afraid? "A bit " Yuri replied . The women came closer to yuri and said, Dont be scared my dear, perhaps can i get a hug? Yuri softly hugged her. My name is James said the man, my name is Carolina said the women, you can call us mom and dad. Your looked into thier eyes and softly said "yes".
The nurse called, can you please sign here ? Ofcourse said mom . She walked closer to the nurse's table and nurse gave her a pen and then both mom and dad signed a few papers .

Mom rushed to me and shouted of happiness "Yuri your adopted!!" " Who me ?" Asked yuri
Yes baby, replied daddy .

Shall we go home, asked mom
Ofcourse, replied Yuri

I they both took yuri's hand a walk her to the car , they waved bye bye to the nurse .

Suddenly the car started and left the orphenage. Yuri was very happy too see the buildings, trees and every single thing that she saw and that explains that she haven't been out for a while. Mom asked, are you hungry babygirl ? No i am full, said Yuri
"It will take about an hour to reach our home when and there won't be any restaurants" said daddy . Yuri warmly smiled and said it's okey i am full daddy. Good, said mom
TIME PASSED LIKE NOTHING and we reached our home. Wow is that our home ? Asked Yuri
Yes sweeti said mom , don't you like it Yuri asked daddy, i love it said Yuri. Lets go in said mom. It was a very big and very tidy house. Mom grabbed Yuri's hands and walked her upstairs and showed her a big room filled with toys and everything that a child would love to have. This is where you gonna be sleeping from today on. Yuri was very happy to see such a surprise. Mom walked away and said, " you can watch out the home yourself Yuri "
"Okey mom" said yuri . Yuri walked down stairs and saw a room, she silently walked into the room she saw a lot of pictures hanging on the wall when she took a closer look she understood it was her mom's childhood and teenage pictures. There, she saw a drawer her heart said her to open it so she did . When she opened it she saw a diary she slowly picked it up and started reading. She just skipped a few pages and started reading for what she wrote a few days ago
"I am so happy after a long time of waiting a babygirl girl call yuri is gonna call me mom "
Yuri warmly smiled. But she never understand why such a rich family adopted her.
She kept on flipping the pages going through a lot of pages by that she found out that
This family loved babies but unluckily didn't have a baby. Yuri! Yuri ! Called mommy , i am in you room ! Said yuri. Yuri walked out the room and saw her mom standing at the door uncomfortable . What happened mommy ? Asked yuri, nothing sweet heart smiled mommy.
Lets eat dinner dad is waiting for you at the table said mommy. Yuri was very nervous meeting her new family so, they said jokes to make her comfortable. At night mommy tucked her in and also sang her favourite songs and read her favourite stories.



YURI SAW DADDY comming out of the car angrily and whispering something to himself
Yuri stood by the door waiting for him . When daddy reached the door she quickly grabbed his hands and asked what happened? He just pulled his hands back and yelled at Yuri and went to his room after 3 to 4 seconds yuri heard the sound of door being shut really hard. She ran to mommy and said what happened . Mommy rushed to daddy's room, Yuri followed her but she asked her to stay outside . After a while mommy came out and closed the door she looked very stressed out she went to her room silently and closed the door. Yuri was very sad but stayed quiet. After hours daddy came out of the room with a stressed face and apologised to Yuri for yelling at her. But still he didn't smile or talk much . After a day Yuri heard mommy and daddy talking about the issue Yuri hide behind a closet and started to listen. After that, she understood why daddy was so mad that night. He was mad because

To be continued...............

Writing on progress...

__________________________________________ the end__________________________________________________
- v.....p...a
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