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Siren's Lust

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Danae, 23, loves the ocean and its inhabitants since she was a child. However, she does not know that she was always being watched from afar, deep within the ocean. There is a siren that can live in the sea and sky. He admired Danae for a long time and believes it is time to possess her, but he will soon find out that he is not the only one who desires Danae. Photo by Samad Ismayilov from Pexels

Thriller / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Danae walked by the ocean, and the sun was setting. Danae is a twenty-three-year-old young woman who lives on the island of Niihau, which is one of the islands of Hawaii. She is also half Caucasian and half Native Hawaiian. She is five feet and five inches tall, and her skin is a light olive tone. Her eyes were pale blue as the ocean waters. Her body is average, with clear and soft skin. Her long black hair was as dark as the night sky.

Initially, her mother was from California and went to Hawaii for a temporary internship to teach students of the island of Niihau. While teaching, she met the love of her life, a Native Hawaiian man who was a fisherman.

They both fell in love and married. The result is having their only daughter and child, Danae Leilani. Both parents educated her on the culture and languages.

However, tragedy struck.

When Danae was ten years old, her mother died of cancer, then about five years later, her father died in a storm while hunting fish.

With both of her parents dead, she was left in the care of her only family, her paternal grandmother, who raised her ever since.

Danae never forgot the teachings of her mother and father, for they were always ingrained in her heart. Like her mother, she followed in her footsteps of teaching children of the island the native language of their people and arts and crafts. However, she also inherited her father’s love of the ocean. Danae would take the time to swim within the deep and visit the sea creatures. Danae felt that the ocean was her second home.

Then, Danae stopped while looking at the sunset, and it brought her peace. The wind blew softly, her hair flowing with the air. She then turned and walked away to her home, satisfied with the view. As the young woman left, she never knew that something is lurking in the ocean waters, was watching her every move.

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