Siren's Lust

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Chapter 10

Danae and Makoa walked together in the small town. Many people would say their hellos to them and would get on with their schedules. Makoa and Danae would look around the island and talk about their time away from one another.

“It has been so long since I left. I missed it here,” said Makoa.

“It wasn’t the same without you, Makoa. You would always put a smile on people’s faces. You knew you had to leave for your future.”

Makoa chuckled. “Thanks, but it wasn’t the same, I missed this island, my home, and I feel I can make a difference within my hometown. We don’t have many resources, and I think that with all my knowledge and experience, I can help our people.

Danae was in awe of Makoa’s determination and selflessness. He truly cared and wanted to make a difference. ” I know you will; you always had a heart for others.”

“Heh, you think so?”

She nodded as a response.

“Well, I can’t make a difference on my own. I need others to help, and I was wondering if you...”

Danae stopped in her tracks. “Me? I am not fully educated, and I-”

“A degree doesn’t measure intelligence, Danae. You have the trust and love of the community, and you can help me motivate them to make the community better! Have faith!”

The young woman blushed.

“I am starving. Let’s go get something to eat!”

The young couple went to town and got into a little restaurant that is popular with the locals. The two ordered spam musubi. The two kept on talking about their lives and so forth until their food was given to them.

“You know, I am curious about something, that guy you took to the barbecue. He seems to be quiet.”

Danae nodded. “Yeah, he doesn’t talk that much. He has a hard time talking, and there are times he can’t speak in full sentences.”

“I see, poor guy.”

“Yeah, he seems to be alone and doesn’t have a family. It also seems he doesn’t have a home. Jex stated he lived by the ocean. I don’t know the whole story. Although, my grandmother doesn’t have a good vibe on him.”

Makoa took a bite of his food. “Really? He seems pretty harmless, though he seemed cautious and very wise. Your grandmother also likes to read people like books.”

Danae took a sip of her drink. “Yeah, my grandmother can be too cautious as well.”

The two kept on eating and drinking, and when they were done, they paid for the meal. As they got out of the restaurant, both stopped in their tracks as they saw someone familiar.

“Jex, what are you doing here?” asked Danae.

Jex stood still, he still wore the clothing Danae gave to him, but he was not happy. “Me here, me here for you.”

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