Siren's Lust

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Chapter 11

Danae and Makoa stood still as Jex stood in front of them. The two of them noticed how angry and annoyed Jex looked, but for Danae, something about Jex's look scared her. She felt the tension and wanted to break it.

"So, Jex, are you here to visit?" Danae was trying to sound cheerful. Deep down, she just wanted to spend more time with Makoa; Jex seemed hellbent to have more time with her. The young woman admitted that Jex was a handsome man, but something was a bit off.

Danae felt that there was more than meets the eye.

Jex's eyes then went to Makoa. The siren felt hatred for the human male. He wanted to kill him on the spot and take Danae for himself. However, since he did not want Danae to fear and hate him, Jex knew that he had to remain sane and calm to gain Danae's affection. "I want see you. I happy to see you."

Danae blushed at his comment. He sounded like a child even though he was a man. "That is very sweet of you, but if you want, we can meet later. I am with Makoa at the moment, and I-"

Jex gave a low growl. "I want to be with you now!" he raised his voice.

The young woman was surprised at his tone. "Jex." She was interrupted.

"Hey, Jex. Danae and I just wanted to catch up. If you want to come along, I have no problem with it." Makoa smiled. He was the type of man that did not like conflict.

The siren did not want Makoa even to be close to Danae. He wanted to have more time with her. "I want to be with Danae, alone."

Danae and Makoa looked at one another. Makoa smiled, and his lips were close to her ear. "We are not going to get anywhere with this man. We can meet later. How about we see one another at our childhood meeting spot?" he whispered to her ear.

The young woman smiled and nodded as a response. The two hugged, and Makoa left. He walked past Jex and noticed Jex glaring at him with such intense hate. He ignored him and left, leaving Danae and Jex alone.

Jex walked towards Danae, and when he was about to get close to her, Danae went backward. Jex was confused.

"That was very rude of you, Jex. I wanted to speak more with Makoa, but you acted inappropriate with him, even though he was nice to you."

The male siren raised an eyebrow. "Me no like him. He no good for you."

"He is a good friend, and I have known him for years, Jex. You have to understand personal space. I can't always hang out with you all the time. I felt hurt that you spoke to Makoa in such a manner.

Jex felt angry that Danae cared for Makoa. Jex went all his way to see her and be close to her. He then realized the look on her face whenever she spoke about him. Did she like him or more? The thought of her falling for another made him want to go on a killing rampage. Just as when he was about to speak, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Both Danae and Jex looked to see who it was.

It was Kahlua.

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