Siren's Lust

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Chapter 12

“Kahlua, what a surprise,” said Danae.

Kahlua wore a short yellow dress that showed most of her long smooth legs. Her hair was straightened; she wore a lot of make-up. The top of her breasts was seen.

“Hey, Danae.” She then looked at Jex and smiled seductively. “Hello Jex, how are you?”

“Fine,” he quickly answered.

“I was walking around until I bumped to you two. What are you up to?” asked Kahlua.

“To be honest, we were walking around. I was actually with Makoa, but Jex came up, and well...”

Jex glanced at Danae and noticed her hesitance. He felt that she was not happy to be away from Makoa, which bugged Jex very much. “Let us go away, now,” he spoke.

Kahlua intervened. “I would like to go with you guys, and there is a nice little restaurant that just opened up. Haven’t you heard?”

“Really? I didn’t know. What is this place called?”

“It calls itself, The Siren.”

Jex gave out a slight flinch.

“Wow, that sounds interesting. Let’s go!”

All three walked together towards the new restaurant that opened on the island. As they got closer to the location, many people were going into the restaurant.

“Wow, I wonder what food they make.”

Kahlua got closer to Jex and got a hold of his right arm. “Let’s go inside.”

Jex glared at Kahlua. He felt the urge to scratch her face-off but looked away from her. He got his arm away from her grip. That shocked Kahlua, and it also made her upset. “I have fixed myself up for him, and he dares treat me this way!” she thought to herself.

All three went to the restaurant, and once by the entrance, Jex stopped. As the doors were opened, he saw someone.

Someone very familiar.

It was a middle-aged woman. Her red hair was tied in a bun, and her face had a few freckles. She had blue eyes and very light skin. She smiled at them. “Welcome to the Siren.”

Jex walked back, Danae and Kahlua noticed. “What’s wrong, Jex?” asked Danae.

“We leave now!”

“Jex, Kahlua, and I want to try this place out and-”

“Now!” he yelled.

The woman smiled. “Come now, young man. These ladies would like to come in. We have delicious seafood and other food you might like.”

Jex shook, and he ran, leaving Danae and Kahlua confused. “What is wrong with him?” asked Kahlua.

The red-haired woman motioned the two women in. “Please come inside. I am sure you will like what we offer.”

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