Siren's Lust

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Chapter 13

Kahlua was not happy. She wanted the opportunity to spend more time with Jex, and now that he went away, there was no point. She especially did not want to be with Danae, a woman she despised. "Danae, I have to go."

Before Danae was about to enter the restaurant, she looked back at Kahlua with surprise and disappointment. "But I thought that you wanted to come here?"

Kahlua rolled her eyes. "Since Jex is not with us, it would be boring. Besides, I remember that I have something else to do. Later." Kahlua left.

Danae was stunned.

"Your name is Danae, right?"

The young woman turned to see the waitress. "Sorry you came all this way without the others, and I noticed you looked curious. Would you mind coming in? We have good food, and since you are a first-time customer, you will be given a discount!"

Danae sighed but then smiled and nodded. She followed the waitress, and inside the restaurant, many people talked, laughed, and ate their food with comfort. "Here, take a seat." The waitress motioned Danae to sit on a seat close to the counter. Danae looked at the menu, and to her, everything looked good, and in the end, she ordered a shrimp cocktail. As she waited for her food, she was a bit thoughtful of Jex and Kahlua.

"What's wrong?" asked the waitress.

"Nothing much, Miss...?"

"Ah, yes! The name is Beth. Anyway, I saw how that female friend acted. She seems to have an attitude."

"Unfortunately, yes. We have grown apart from the last couple of years."

"Friendships don't always last at times; people change and have their thoughts. She seems to like that man you both were with."

Danae giggled. "Jex? He is a good-looking guy, and I wouldn't be surprised if Kahlua liked him.

Beth raised an eyebrow. "His name is Jex? Did he...tell you that was his name?"

"No, he did not have a name, so I gave him one. It's a bit complicated."

"I see. He's an interesting character. Be careful."

Danae raised an eyebrow. "Why do you say that?"

"I have a bad vibe around I would stay away from him. I'll bring you your food." As Beth walked away, Danae did not know what to think or say. How could Jex be so bad?

Kahlua walked off to the beach. Many men looked and whistled at her.

She was so angry that Jex would not notice her. As Kahlua kept on walking, she saw Jex walking towards another side of a huge cliff. She smirked. "This could be my chance." She called out to him, but Jex did not seem to hear her. Kahlua ran towards him, hoping to catch up to him. She got to the other side and was about to call for him.

The young woman saw him but stilled. What she saw made her speechless.

Jex looked at her and growled. He motioned out his right index finger and shook it. "No. No," he said in a sadistic and playful manner.

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