Siren's Lust

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Chapter 14

Danae POV

It has been a week since Kahlua's disappearance. For the first two days, none of us thought about her missing since she was a busy person.

However, on the 4th day, her parents came and told us that she hadn't been home and couldn't contact her. That was when we tried to look for her and when there was no luck the police were involved. I hope that they can find some trace of her.

Strangely enough, Jex was not seen throughout the days. I was a bit worried for him. At the moment, I'm at the beach trying to look for some clues that might lead to Kahlua.

The beach was somewhere that she likes to visit frequently to take pictures of herself. As I kept on walking, I heard some footsteps behind me.

They got closer and closer that began to feel nervous. I then turned. I screamed. "Jex! For goodness sake, you scared the holy hell out of me!"

He moved his head in a sideways manner as if he was a confused child. "Me sorry. I don't want to scare you."

"I was apprehensive about you. You've been gone for quite a while. Anyway, so many things have happened. Do you remember my friend Kahlua?"


"Yeah, the one who went to that new restaurant with us? Anyway, she has gone missing, and we are trying to find her. We could use your help. I'm trying to find some clues that could lead us to her."

Jex stood silently as he looked at the ocean waters. "Me help."

"Thank you! Let's get searching!"

He and I went on searching. Jex even went to the ocean waters to try to look for some clues.

It was almost turning dark; I knew we had to call it a day. "I take you home. It no safe."

I merely nodded, and we both booked on the sand, trying to get off the beach. As we kept on walking, there were a bunch of rocks and boulders where the waves hit.

I stopped as I noticed something odd. It looked us something was on a couple of boulders. I ran towards it as Jex called after me, but I did not listen. I ran as I got to the boulders to see what was on them.

I stilled as I saw something that horrified me. I felt that my soul went out of my body. I felt tears falling from my eyes. I screamed.

It was Kahlua, and it looked like someone had eaten her.

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