Siren's Lust

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Chapter 15

Five Days Later...

Danae was devastated. She stood by the beach shores as she watched Kahlua’s ashes spread in the ocean waters by her mother and father. Danae, along with her friends and other villagers, were in attendance. Everyone was shocked at the brutality of Kahlua’s death. However, Danae was traumatized when she found Kahlua’s body.

Kahlua did not even look human anymore. The police recovered her body, and they also were shocked at the state of the body. They gathered all the evidence they could, and the police even said they found some DNA that could either belong to Kahlua or the suspect.

Now, it was time to mourn. Beside Danae were her grandmother and Makoa. Makoa held her on his arm, trying to console her. Danae rested her head by his chest while her grandmother held her hand in a comforting manner. They all watched as the ashes were taken away by the ocean waters. Many did a hula dance for Kahlua’s memory. Once finished, people began going home, but many were also nervous of the prospect of a killer in their island and village.

Danae did not move; she watched the ocean. Her thoughts were interrupted when Makoa gently shook her. “Danae, we shouldn’t stay here too long; you should get home.”

The young woman merely nodded, and the three-headed back to her home. No one said a word as they headed back home. Once there, all three went inside the house, which was dark inside. Someone turned the lights on.

They were not alone.

There were people inside that either stood or sat on the couch. The three were shocked, and Danae was about to scream, but then the door behind them closed, for two men were blocking it. All of a sudden, a woman came forward. “Y-You!?”

“Yes, I am the one from the restaurant. Calm yourselves; we want to talk.”

Danae’s grandmother was outraged. “You dare enter my house to speak!? This is disrespectful!”

“If we have, then you would not believe us, but we believe in a more practical approach. We will not hurt you, for that is not our intention.” Beth then looked at Danae. “We need your help since you have a huge impact on the thing that we are after.”

Confusion hit Danae. “What in the hell are you talking about!? I lost my friend, and now you guys are speaking about mumbo jumbo!”

“We heard about your friend, and we are sorry for your loss. Anyway, her murderer is closer to you than you think.”

The three flinched.

“Ma’am, what are you talking about?” asked Makoa.

“That friend of yours, the other handsome one, why is he not with you?”

Danae raised an eyebrow. “You mean Jex?”

“That your little friend Jex is not human. He is a monster. A killer. He is a siren.”

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