Siren's Lust

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Chapter 16

Danae stood still. Her mind was going all over the place. She was trying to make sense of what Beth told her. Her heart was beginning to beat faster.

On the other hand, her grandmother stood by her granddaughter, and the older woman did not even look surprised. "I knew there was something off about that boy." She then looked at Danae. "When I first met him, I felt danger. I didn't want you to be around him, but you always had a good spirit; I knew that you would not listen."

Makoa was also shocked as Danae was, even though he did not know Jex long enough. "S-So you are s-saying that Jex is a siren? H-How can that be? How is it possible?"

Beth sighed. "I know it is a lot to take in, and hard to believe that a siren could exist. I wish I were making this up, but I am not. My team and I came here for that thing, nothing more."

"Why?" asked Makoa.

Beth was silent for a bit and took a deep breath. "All of us lost someone precious because of that monster. Like how that thing killed your friend."

Makoa and Qiana were silent, as was Danae.

"Although I am a little surprised that he did not eat or kill you."

Danae was getting out in her shocked gaze. "Why? Why didn't he kill me if he killed before?"

Beth crossed her arms. "I was confused myself; he let you live, but the more I thought about it, it made a bit more sense. I believe that the siren desires you to be more than just food. He wants you as a mate."

Danae's eyes became wide open. Her grandmother held onto her, and Makoa was even more shocked.

"Why her!?"

"I don't know, the siren chose, and the bad thing is that since he has his eyes on you, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. However, we need your help to stop this monster so that he won't kill again. We also fear that he will do something more harmful to you if you don't help us."

Danae nodded. "What should I do?"

Beth sighed in relief and began to talk about her plan.

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