Siren's Lust

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Chapter 17

It was morning; Danae was in bed. She could not sleep a wink, not after what happened the previous day.

Jex is a siren. She had read about them and researched more after discovering the truth. They can lure their prey with their melodic tune, although she never heard Jex sing once. She thought sirens were just pure myth, but Beth told her that there are more things in this world.

On the other hand, there was a part of her that had some doubts. Danae thought that Beth might have a grudge. Danae shook her head. "Don't be stupid," she thought to herself.

Danae gave it more thought. She probably would find out once who was speaking the truth. The young woman took a shower, dressed, and went to the kitchen. Once there, she saw her grandmother sitting on the sofa, knitting. The older woman looked at her granddaughter. "Couldn't sleep last night?"


"I can't blame you. I had a sense of something wrong with that lad. Never would I have imagined he was such a creature. Where are you off to?"

"Out, grandma."

The older woman stopped knitting. "You are not thinking of going through with the plan, are you?"

Danae was silent for a while. "I have no other choice."

"My child, that siren will take you if need be! Let that Beth and her group deal with that monstrosity!"

"I made my choice, grandmother. If they said it is true of Jex killing Kahlua, then anyone could be next. I can't let that happen. There is no other choice."

Danae walked out of the house before the older woman could say another word and then ran towards the beach. The closer she got to the beach, the more nervousness she felt, but Danae had already decided.

What seemed like forever, the young woman made it to the beach, where there was no one in sight. She sat on the sand, facing the waters.

She waited for Jex to go to her like he always did. An hour came. "Maybe he is not coming," she told herself. Someone was walking towards her, and Danae heard the footsteps.

It was Jex, wearing the same clothing that Danae had given him. He smiled when he caught sight of her. Danae felt her heart beating rapidly as he got closer and closer.

Jex stopped, and both were face to face. He smiled at her. "Hello, Danae!" he said in a child-like voice.

Danae was determined to find out one way or another. There was no way out.

"Hello Jex, I would like to talk to you about something."

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