Siren's Lust

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Chapter 18

"Hey, Jex. you know that I lost my friend, right?"

Jex eyed her and was in a thoughtful state, but nodded as a response.

"Well, I have been told by the police that Kahlua may have been murdered. Killed."

Jex was silent but kept his eyes on Danae. It was as if he was trying to read her. Danae noticed, making her feel afraid, but she kept her almost calm composure. "What shocked the police were the way she was found. It was as if someone was eating her."

"Really? Eat her?"

She nodded. "I was shocked too. I didn't want to believe it until I went to her funeral. Her face was in stitches. A chunk of her skin was missing."

Jex then looked away and to the sea. "Very bad."

"Yes, Kahlua must have suffered. I want whoever did it to pay for their crimes. Jex, I want to help the police find the killer. I want you to help me."

Jex turned to look at her. "Me help?"

"Yes. Will you help me?"

He was silent.

"I also heard rumors that a monster lives in the ocean waters."

Jex flinched. "Monster?"

"That is what I have heard. I heard that there are sirens that live in the ocean waters. Though, I think that is impossible. What do you think, Jex?"

He did not answer for a while. "It crazy. It's no real. It's fake," Jex went to Danae and got a hold of her arms, and held onto her tightly. "You no believe. It no real. No monster!"

Danae looked at him carefully. She saw how his eye changed colors. She had a sense that he was angry and felt threatened. Danae knew that she had done enough and that it was not safe to keep pressing on the issue. "It is okay, Jex. I know there is A siren can't exist. However, I will find out what happened to Kahlua. Other people will help too; they are afraid that they could be next. Even I could be next. Will you help?"

Jex merely nodded as he let her go. "Let eat food. Me hungry." He got a hold of her right hand and led her away from the ocean. She felt his cold hands. The young woman could not help but notice that Jex would always meet her by the ocean.

Danae was afraid of what she would find out. For now, it was best to play in secret and not get Jex angry. For all she knew, she could be his next victim. He could eat her like, Kahlua or even worse.

This was a matter between life and death.

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