Siren's Lust

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Chapter 19

"What do you want to eat?" Danae asked as they walked to the ocean.

Jex stopped as he kept looking at the ocean. "I get fish. Me and you."

The young woman eyed him suspiciously. "Don't you like the food from diners? They are good. I am willing to pay for the both of us."

"No, me no like diner. I want fish. I get it." Before Danae could respond, Jex ran to the ocean waters, and he was no longer visible. Danae fell on her knees; the anxiety and nervousness got the best of her. A part of her told her to run away as fast as she could, but Danae could not.

Morally, she felt that if she ran away, more people would die. Danae realized that Jex was after her and only her. All because he wants her as his mate. Of all the women in the world, why her? Danae knew it was selfish of her to think of such a thing.

For now, Danae had to confirm if he was indeed a siren, and if he was, then she had no other choice but to have him killed.

As she sat on the sand, she heard a massive splash of water. Jex was holding two large fish. "I got fishes! We eat! Make a fire!"

Moments later, Danae and Jex found some trees and got some wood and without any trouble. The two sat by one another as the fish were being cooked. Jex hummed with delight, and Danae was feeling anxious. "You know, a friend recommended me a book to read; it's about sirens."

Jex stilled as the fish were being cooked.

"The book is mostly about different mythological creatures around the world, but the one that interested me was about sirens. I read sirens have beautiful voices that led people to their deaths." Danae pretended to giggle. "I wish I could sing very well."

Jex stared at the fish. "Me no like talking."

"What do you mean?"

"Me no talk about monsters. I no like it. Not real."

Danae eyed him very carefully. She noticed that Jex was getting annoyed. That was when she knew that she had to tone it down, or Jex might lose his temper. "Sorry, I won't talk about it. Anyway, wasn't it hard to get the fish? You must have experience catching them."

Jex shook his head. "It no hard. I get to fish many times." One of the fish was cooked and handed to Danae, which she took a small bite.

"It's good. You are an excellent cook!"

Jex began to relax as he got the other cooked fish for himself. "You like?"

"Yes, once we are done eating, I have to go. I have to meet with Makoa after this." When Danae mentioned Makoa, Jex stopped eating; he glared at Danae. The young woman saw his eyes change to a particular color and shape from the original eyes that she was used to. That was proof to her that he was indeed a siren.

Jex got a hold of her arm. "No, go to him. Me no like him."

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