Siren's Lust

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Chapter 2

The ocean waters were calm as the sun was setting, and the skies slowly were turning dark. The sea creatures lived their lives, but there was more within the deep than met the eye. There lived a creature, a being that was thought to be pure myth.

This being is known as the legendary siren. Usually, sirens were depicted as female creatures that lured sailors to their deaths using lovely melodies. Female sirens were usually mermaids or winged creatures, and many say that they were beautiful women, while others say they were horrendous.

However, there were also male sirens in legends, but not as popular.

Yet, such a creature exists.

The siren population had gradually decreased for many reasons. Humans destroyed their habitats, were hunted, or were infertile. Yet, there is just one left, a male siren.

The male siren could live in the land, sea, and sky. On land, he could shapeshift in human form. At sea, he can shapeshift as a merman, while he could have wings in the skies. His true form was that of an ugly creature that no mortal could look at for a long time, for they would run away in fear. Even though that was the case, the siren could transform into a handsome man.

On the other hand, there was one powerful attribute that this male siren had; his voice. He could produce the most beautiful songs that any human could in a lifetime. The sound of his beautiful voice can make human women tremble to their knees and follow the harmonic tune even to their deaths. Although they can produce beautiful voices, they cannot fully speak well, like a human.

The last siren was swimming within the ocean waters, looking for a decent meal to eat. He found a small seal swimming by, and with his speed, he caught up to the poor creature. The seal tried to get out of the siren’s grip, but it was futile. The male siren took a bite of its neck, killing it instantly. He took another bite out of it, enjoying the taste of its prey. Blood flowed with the ocean waters while the creature had its meal.

When he finished it, the siren swam up to the ocean surface to feel the air. The creature looked around and saw land ahead and slowly swam towards it, but the more he got closer and closer, he stopped in his tracks. His eyes caught a young woman walking near the ocean.

Sirens were also cannibals, and they had no hesitation in eating their kind as well as humans. He would have no hesitation in eating a human, but the human woman was different from any he had witnessed. She was so beautiful that he could feel his cold heart warm up like the sun. The creature did not know what he felt when he saw the woman, all he knew was that he did not want the feeling to disappear.

He then saw the woman walking away. Deep down, he had to know more of her. The creature floated from the ocean, and his fins turned into legs, he changed his monstrous appearance into a handsome male, his back cracked, and black wings sprung out and flew to the sky.

Danae walked back to her home, which was small, a wooden fence surrounded the house, and there were flowers within a small garden. The skies had now turned dark; the moon shined in the night skies. The young woman entered the house, and certain rooms were lit inside, while others were not. She heard her grandmother in the kitchen and went to her.

Once inside the kitchen, she saw her grandmother putting food on some plates.

“I came back, grandmother.”

Danae’s grandmother was of short stature, and her skin was a dark olive tone. Her eyes were dull brown but filled with experience. Her face had some wrinkles but with some youth as well. Danae put her black hair in a bun. The older woman looked at her grandmother with a soft smile. “My child, welcome back home. I have just prepared our meal.”

Danae assisted her grandmother with the food and drinks. Both sat next to one another and began to eat.

“How was your day at work?”

The young woman smiled. “It went well; my students are learning quickly and had fun with the crafts I have shown them.”

“You are doing a great service to their children. Never let them forget where they come from, their heritage, their culture, and the traditions of their forefathers and mothers.”

The two women ate the meal in peace with a few conversations now and then.

“Danae, I know you are busy with work, but I do worry about you and your future.”

Danae looked at her grandmother. “What do you mean?”

“You should go and date a young man, and you are not getting any younger, my child.”

“G-Grandmother! What brought this up all of a sudden?”

The older woman giggled. “I do want to live to see my future great-grandchildren, but sooner or later, I will not be here in this world for long.” Qiana looked at her drink as if trying to find the right words to say. “I know you are young and are thinking of your career, but eventually, we all grow old, my child. I don’t want to die knowing that you are alone. You have no one else but me.”

The young woman looked down on her food. Her grandmother always would try to persuade her to meet some men or some sons of other villagers, but none of them caught her interest. She knew that her grandmother meant well, but times have changed, and not many have the same values or sense of morality. She wanted to be with a man she would be in love with and not be pressured. “Grandmother, please don’t worry too much about me. I know I will not be young forever, but I have one life to live, and I don’t want to jump to conclusions. Someday I will find that special man, but it takes time and patience. Something you taught me.”

The elder sighed. “I know, but at least try.”

“Don’t worry, grandmother. I can handle my own.”

Grandmother and granddaughter finished their food and cleaned after themselves. Danae then went to shower. As she was cleaning herself, Danae could not help but feel that she was being...watched. She slightly opened the window of the bathroom, and there was nothing but darkness. “It is all in my head.”

Once she was finished, Danae went to her room, dried herself, and got dressed. However, the feeling of being watched never left her, but she ignored such a feeling. She turned off the light and went to bed.

Then, Danae heard the sound of rain on the outside.

As Danae slept soundly as the rain and thunder pursued, an extended hand was visible outside Danae’s bedroom window, and yellow eyes glowed in the darkness. The male siren was outside looking at Danae’s sleeping form. He gave out a slight groan, and he licked Danae’s image on the window.


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