Siren's Lust

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Chapter 20

Jex got ahold of Danae’s right arm.

At that moment, Danae knew that Jex was not human. “Jex, you’re squeezing my arm too tightly.”

However, Jex did not let her go. He still glared at Danae. He was enraged that she mentioned Makoa’s name. ” Me no like him. You no go to him.”

“Jex, what the heck is wrong with you? Makoa is my friend. If you want, you can come along.”

The siren did not let go of his grip. The color of his eyes changed into a darker tone. This frightened Danae. “Your eyes. What is wrong with your eyes!?”

Jex did not flinch. He did not seem to care that she noticed his eyes changing form and color. A growl escaped his lips, and it sounded inhumane.

“Jex, you’re scaring me.”

All of a sudden, Jex gave her a monstrous smile. His human-like teeth changed into razor-sharp teeth, and his smile extended more than it should. His skin began to change color as well as a different shape. Danae couldn’t believe her eyes. Her heart began to beat faster and with fear. “Wh-What!?”

“Me no like hiding anymore. Me no like you with other men. You mine now.”

Danae looked on with horror as Jex began to change. His human form changed into a monstrous form. His skin changed into a greenish color, his arms got longer, and he had scales and had long nails. A pair of wings appeared from his back. His once handsome face changed into a monstrous form.

The young woman was breathing heavily. She was looking at his true form. Danae wanted to scream but felt as if her throat was dry. Jex still had a grip on her arm, and she struggled to get free from him. “Anyone! Help me!”

Jex pulled her closer to him. She struggled more, and the siren had enough of her struggle. All of a sudden, he began to sing a soft tune. Danae stilled as Jex was singing a tune. She became horrified. She learned sirens sang a melody to entrap their victims. The young woman tried to cover her ears, but in the end, it was futile. He had a grip on both her arms now as he kept on singing.

She then began to feel weak. Her mind was going bleak as if she was going into an eternal sleep.

Danae lost consciousness, and the siren got a hold of her. He looked around to see if anyone was around; to his luck, there was no one. He extended his wings and flew up in the sky, with Danae in his arms. The siren flew into the skies with the woman he always wanted.

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