Siren's Lust

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Chapter 21

Danae felt as if she couldn't move. She slowly began to open her eyes. It was dark, but there was a dim light. The floor was hard and cold.


"Where am I?" she said in a whisper. When Danae regained her sight, she saw what looked like she was in a cave. There were small puddles of water on the ground, which confused her.

With all her strength, she began to sit up. The young woman looked at her surroundings and wondered how she got into it in the first place. A pang of pain went throughout her head, and then memories flooded her. Jex! Monster!

The thoughts were becoming too much, and she was beginning to breathe heavily. Then a loud splash was heard. Danae slowly got up from her own two feet and walked to the exit. She stilled as she saw the ocean. She looked left and right, and there was nothing but the sea. "What?"

On the corner of her eyes, she saw a shadow underwater, and it was coming close. She backed away, and a splash occurred. It was Jex. He was in his human form, nude and holding two fishes in his hands. Danae wanted to scream but felt as if her voice was taken from her. She backed away as far as she could until she hit the wall.

Jex was wet and let go of the two fish he killed. "Food. You eat."

"Wh-What are you!? Where am I!? Where did you take me!?"

Jex did not answer as he began to get one fish and opened it with one of his sharp nails.

"So, what they said was true! Y-You're a siren!"

The male siren ate a huge chunk of the fish as he eyed the terrified young woman. "You eat."

Danae shook her head. "I want to go home!"

The siren kept on eating. "You home. You and me." This confused and infuriated Danae. She was feeling so many emotions that it began to make her dizzy. "You're a monster!"

Jex finished eating his food and slowly stood up on his own two feet.

Danae looked away as she fully realized that Jex was fully nude. Jex's noticed, and a sharp smirk was apparent. The way that Danae was made him excited. His excitement made his cock erect. He slowly walked towards her, and Danae's eyes became wide as he came closer. Her eyes were on his erect cock and then on his face.

His eyes changed into his siren's form. He smirked, and Jex showed his sharp teeth. Danae shook her head, and tears formed. ""

Jedrek lowered himself and got a hold of her.

Danae's screams echoed the cave.

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