Siren's Lust

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Chapter 22

Makoa was in Danae's house with Qiana. It has been five months since Danae's disappearance. Beth and her crew began searching the island, but there was no trace of her.

Qiana became ill as the stress and worry were becoming too much for her to bear. Makoa has been keeping an eye on her but would help Beth whenever he could. He was outside Danae's house and looking at the sun as it was going to set. His thoughts were interrupted when he felt his cellphone vibrate.

He answered. "Hello."

"Hello Makoa, it's Beth. I'm calling because my group and I found some leads."

The young man felt his heart pounding with anticipation and, after so many months of searching, only leading to being empty-handed. Now he felt hope.

"We have been going to the different islands of Hawaii, and on Nihoa, there are some fish and shark carcasses found hidden on rocks; some of them are recent. We think that Danae is being hidden there."

"It has been five months, Beth. Are you a hundred percent sure that she is alive?"

"I bet my life she is. That siren has chosen her as his mate; I doubt he would kill her. If he didn't choose her, then Jex would have killed her long ago." Beth was silent for a bit, and Makoa felt that she was hiding something.

"What's wrong? I feel that you are hiding something."

Beth cleared her throat from the other line. "It's nothing. My group and I are going to Nihoa tonight."

"I'm going with you."

Beth sighed. "No, you need to stay and care for Danae's grandmother. She needs you since you were close to Danae. There is a possibility that many of us may not make it. This siren is far more dangerous than you think."

The young man felt annoyed as he squeezed his phone. "As I said, I am going with you all. Nothing you do or say will change my mind. Danae is someone special to me, and we have gone through many things together. I'm not going to leave her. Either you come to pick me up, or I'm getting on a boat to go on my own."

The two were silent, and in the end, Beth agreed. Makoa gave her a time limit, and if she and her group did not pick him up, he would be going on his own. The two hung up, and he went inside the house. He then went to Qiana's room, where she lay on her bed. The elder was awake, looking at the ceiling as if she was in deep thought.

"Qiana, Beth informed me that they found some leads on where Danae is being kept. I decided that I would be going with Beth. I haven't given them much choice. I promise you that we will be bringing her home, safe and sound."

Qiana didn't say or look at him.

"I'm going to hire a caretaker to watch over you. I don't feel comfortable that you are alone. Everything will turn out alright." He then went out of the bedroom and made another phone call.

As for Qiana, her eyes never left the ceiling. Tears began to form. "I dreamed of a dark place, screams, fighting, crying, and blood."

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