Siren's Lust

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Chapter 23

Night overcame the sky; Makoa, Beth, and her group were on a boat going to the island of Nihoa. Everyone on the boat had their weapons on hand, prepared to fight and rescue Danae. As they were sailing, Makoa would look at the waters. Beth walked behind him. "Having second thoughts?"

He shook his head. "I can't believe that a siren would even exist. Everything has gone to hell."

Beth sigh. "I know, it was hard for me to believe it at first, but the world is filled with mystery that even we don't know."

"I'm curious, how did you find out about this thing's existence, and why are you hell-bent on killing it?"

It was silent for a while, and Beth eyed her group, who said nothing but kept their eyes on the path. She sat beside him. "All of us lost a loved one to that thing. We all want it dead."

"I'm sorry."

"I lost my sister to that siren. She was sixteen at the time, and I was eleven. My sister would tell me that she met a guy at the beach. She never told our parents, and I was the only one who knew. However, one day I was curious who this guy was. One day I followed her to the beach, and that is when I saw him. I heard them talking that my sister wanted to be with him. The siren killed and started to eat her."

Makoa shook his head. "I'm so sorry."

"No one believed me on what I saw. After that day, I swore that I would get revenge. I made a site about the siren, and that is how we all found each other."

"Do you think it wanted your sister as a mate?"

"I don't know."

Makoa was about to respond until one of the group members announced that the island was straight ahead. Beth and Makoa saw the island, and the two got a hold of their guns. "This is it. That son of a bitch is not leaving alive."

The anchor was put down, and one of the members tied the boat to a rock so it wouldn't go. They all got their weapons, and Beth began to lead them. "We've found a cave up head; Danae must be there." They all went to the cave that they believed Danae was in. As they got closer, they all could smell a stench that would've made anyone vomit. They also found bones and sea creature carcasses.

Makoa feared the worst, and he ran ahead of the group. The others tried to stop him, but he continued. As he got to the cave, it was dark and silent. Makoa got a flashlight to see if there was anything. "Danae!" he yelled.

There was no answer. Makoa did not want to believe that Danae would not be here. "Danae, it's me, Makoa!" When there was no answer, he felt his stomach drop. He was about to leave until he heard a whisper-like voice. He stilled. "I hear something!"

Beth and the others ran towards him. "Danae!"

"You and I will go in; you all will stay here and keep guard." Beth got her flashlight and rifle read, and the two walked into the cave. They found more bones, and the stench was becoming worse, and they braced themselves.

"Danae!" Makoa then saw her. Danae was dirty, and her hair was in disarray. He knelt before her. She slowly turned to see him.

"Makoa," she said in a weak voice.

"I'm here! We will get you out of here!"

Beth then put her flashlight on her. Her eyes became wide. "M-Makoa, look!"

He looked at Danae more closely, and he felt his heart on his stomach. "It can't be! You're pregnant!"

Danae held no emotion. "He forced it on me. I tried..."

"We have to get you out of here!"

Suddenly, gunshots were heard outside the cave, and there was a loud abnormal screech. "We have to go! That thing is here!" yelled Beth.

Makoa helped Danae stand, and she yelped in pain. Her feet were bleeding. "He cut me so I wouldn't be able to run!" Makoa then held her on his back.

Beth held her gun ready, and the two began to run. As the two were about to get out of the cave, the shooting stopped. It was silent. "Why did they stop?" asked Makoa.

They got to the exit, but Beth motioned him to stop. Makoa put Danae down but still kept her close to him. Beth slowly walked with her machine gun in hand but then heard something outside. She stopped, and a head rolled. All three were filled with horror as it was one of the men of the group.

Jex appeared in his human form with blood in his mouth, hands, and feet. His eyes were wide open when he saw the three. He let out a deadly and angry growl. "She stays."

Danae felt tears forming but then felt something down her legs; her eyes were filled with horror as she looked down.

Her water broke.

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