Siren's Lust

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Chapter 24

Danae squirmed in pain as she held her stomach. "The baby is coming! This soon!?"

Beth still held on her machine gun! Sirens are different than us; they probably develop faster in the womb! Makoa, when that thing is born, you need to kill it!"

Makoa's eyes became wide open. "Wh-What!? I can't kill an infant!"

"That infant is part siren! We can't let it live! We need to kill it and this monster. We need to wipe these monsters from the face of the Earth! Now go and take her in the cave!"

Jex gave out a deep growl; he changed into his siren form. Beth gave him an evil glare. "Now you show your true form, you son of a bitch! You tricked my sister and killed her for your sick pleasure! I'm going to end this once and for all!"

"She mine!" Jex growled.

Makoa got a hold of Danae and took her deeper into the cave as she groaned in pain. The two got farther and farther. He then put her down, and he then got the flashlight and put it on the side, giving them both some light. Danae was breathing heavily and felt that her insides were going to explode.


Makoa felt helpless. He never had this experience, and it hurt him to see her in pain. "Just breath! Okay, breath!"

Danae did as Makoa told her. Both she and Makoa saw the baby in her belly moving. "I can feel it! It's trying to get out!"

"Push, Danae! Just push!"

She screamed in agony as she was trying to push the baby out. The two could hear gunfire and Jex fighting. Makoa felt pressured to have this baby out. Danae was having trouble getting the baby out. She was losing her strength little by little. "I can't the baby won't budge...I don't have strength left."

"Yes, you can! You push this baby out! Please Danae! Your grandmother is waiting for you!" He then got a hold of her hand, trying to give her encouragement.

Sweat and dirt were all over her body. She weakly squeezed his hand. "Cut me open. Get it out and kill it..."

Makoa's eyes became wide open. "Are you insane!?"

"That thing has killed many people for who knows how long, and this baby might follow in his footsteps. I don't want that to happen." She was breathing heavily. "Please, this baby can't live! Please, Makoa!"

The young man had tears in his eyes as he looked at her.

Danae had tears in her eyes. "Please, I know that I'm going to die anyway. This baby is tearing me apart! PLEASE!"

Slowly, Makoa got out a hunting knife, and his hand began to shake. He saw the baby moving erratically inside her and Danae crying in utter pain. The decision was in his hands. He then heard Beth screaming in pain and Jex growling loudly.

Makoa closed his eyes and then stabbed Danae's stomach, slowly cutting her open. She yelled in pain. Blood poured out, and Makoa could see the baby moving. With his hands, he got the baby out.

The baby cried.

Makoa cut the umbilical cord. "It's a girl!"

Danae's tears fell as she looked at the baby. She felt her entire body go weak as blood poured down. "" She no longer moved. Her eyes were half-opened. Makoa noticed, and he began to move her. Danae did not respond.

"D-Danae!?" he called out to her as he held the infant girl, who cried. He then heard footsteps coming their way, and he turned with the knife in hand.

It was Beth, and Jex filled her with scratches and blood, and the scratches were deep. "It's kill it!"

Makoa's body was shaking as he looked down at the infant, who was slowly calming itself, and looked at him. "I-I don't know if I can! It's a baby! Danae's baby!" His voice cracked as tears filled his face.

"Danae's dead because of it! That thing raped her! It's wounded; you have to kill the infant! If you won't, then I will!" Beth got out a gun and aimed it towards the infant, but she felt something in her chest. Beth looked down, and it was a hand that was holding her heart. Beth couldn't breathe and became motionless.

Jex was breathing heavily in his human form. He took his hand away from Beth's chest and crushed her heart. He then looked at Makoa, who was now holding his daughter. Jex growled at him but then saw Danae. Jex's eyes became wide with horror. "Danae?" Jex said in a whisper-like tone.

The siren then screeched aloud and went towards Makoa, scratched his face, and pushed him on the cave walls with force, making Makoa lose consciousness. The infant was about to land on the ground, but Jex got a hold of her.

Jex then looked at Danae's dead body and gently got a hold of her, and ran out of the cave. Jex jumped in the ocean waters. His daughter eyed him and their surroundings with interest in the ocean waters and then to her mother.

As for the male siren, he let his infant daughter go, who used her hands and legs to keep her afloat. Infant sirens tend to adapt to the oceans when they are born, but they tend more time to learn when they go to the sky.

Jex let Danae's body float motionless. He saw her stomach was cut open. He let out a soft, sad groan as he held her face and then cut a piece of her hair and kept it. Jex then kissed her lips and let her body go down the ocean floor. He watched as she went down. Her hair flowed with the water as she went down until she was no longer in sight.

The infant girl eyed her father curiously and then up to the surface.

Meanwhile, Qiana woke up from her slumber. She slowly sat up from bed and saw that her caretaker was asleep. The older woman put her hand over her heart and quietly got off from bed. She made sure not to make any noise. Qiana got out of the house and then walked to the beach until she got to the ocean waters.

Qiana looked up at the moon and put her hand on her heart. "Danae. Danae, I can hear you. You call out to me from the waters." Tears formed in her eyes as she looked at the dark ocean waters. "Cold and with blood. Alone. You call out to me. My granddaughter, don't be scared." She then began to walk to the waters.

"Don't worry; you won't be alone anymore. I'm coming." Tears dripped from her eyes as an ocean wave hit her, making her go into the dark deep ocean.

The ocean was filled with mystery and the graves of the forgotten.

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