Siren's Lust

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Chapter 25

The sea had many wonders that humankind does not know and has not yet discovered. The ocean always had a violent yet mystifying history. However, it also has a history of being the resting place of many victims of tragedy. It is a place where many people disappear and are forgotten.

In the waters, there was a creature swimming calmly and without fear. The creature swam deeper and deeper into the surface, where there was much darkness. The creature's eyes glowed a light green color to see what was beneath. The young creature swam down, passing many sea creatures that swam away from it.

Then, the creature stopped as she spotted something on the seafloor. There were two skeletons. One was small and slowly becoming dust, while the other was taller with an arm over the smaller one.

The two skeletons were surrounded by rocks as if they were carefully put. The creature put another stone beside the bigger skeleton and bowed its head. "Papa. Mama."

The young creature remembered how her father was by her side throughout the years, teaching her how to hunt and kill prey; human or sea creatures. The young creature had a light peach-like skin tone, with light green eyes, and it was not as hideous as her father. However, the creature could change into a female human with light tan skin, dark hair, and green eyes. She held more beauty than the human female.

When she became an adult, her father one day disappeared, leaving her. For their kind, parents would leave their grown children to fend for themselves. However, she looked for her father, and there was one place that could have gone, the grave of her mother. Ever since she was small, her father would show her the grave of her mother. She had memories of her of how she looked but were not always apparent. Her father told her that her mother's name was Danae, and she had given him the name of Jex.

He named her after her mother. She and her father were the last of their kind, but her father brought himself here to die.

She knew that her father was filled with pain when her mother died. He just waited until Danae II grew older and knew how to take care of herself. Jex took himself to Danae's remains and starved himself until he died, leaving their daughter alone.

After bowing her head, she swam to the surface of the ocean and breathed the oxygen. The female siren could see land ahead and swim towards it. However, Danae II hid behind large rocks to keep an eye out for one human that she would watch keenly. She would wait until night when he would arrive.

Night came, Danae II waited patiently, and that is when she saw him, the man she had watched for years. The man was on a dirt bike, but he turned it off. He walked to the beach shore, looking over the ocean waters to relax with the cold waters.

With the siren's observations, he would come to the beach every Friday to relax, and he would take a swim. When her father was alive, he would forbid her to stay on the surface for a long time, but she often sneaked away. Danae II remembered him a bit. He was the one who helped her be born from her mother's womb.

She always had dreams and memories of him, and it made her want to know more of him. Danae II fell for him, even though he looked older than she remembered, but he still had good looks. As she watched him, she saw him taking off his shirt and pants, only having his underwear on, and going to the ocean for a swim.

The female siren was nowhere to be seen.

Makoa drove his dirt bike to the ocean. He made it a tradition to visit the beach every Friday in memory of Danae, her grandmother Qiana, Beth, and her group.

It has been twenty years since that day.

He remembered that Danae's body was nowhere to be seen. Makoa saw the dead bodies of Beth and the other group members. He knew that no one would believe him that a siren killed them. He threw his weapons and uniform to the ocean and told the police of his "findings."

The police said it was a homicide under mysterious circumstances. Danae was considered a cold case, even though he knew what happened to her, but no one would believe him. He felt guilt throughout the years for being silent. Qiana also committed suicide when they found her body floating in the ocean.

Many believed it was over the broken heart of her missing granddaughter.

Everything had gone to hell.

However, Makoa did wonder about what happened to Jex and the baby. He did have regret on not doing enough to kill Jex but wondered if the baby was still alive or not. She would be twenty about now.

Makoa was now in his mid-40s but was still in good shape for his age. It took him a while, but he eventually got married and has a daughter who is ten years old.

Now, he is on the cold ocean waters and decided to take his usual swim. Makoa took everything off except his underwear and dove to the frigid waters and swam. He had a flashlight that was strapped on his head and began to swim. However, Makoa would not swim far.

As he swam underwater, he heard something.

It sounded like singing. The singing sounded heavenly. Makoa saw something coming ahead, and it was glowing. He went up to the surface and took a deep breath, and went down again. The singing was louder and louder.

He did not know why but he felt his body becoming calm. From afar, a white light was seen, and something was coming his way. It almost looked like a fish-like creature, but he realized it also had human-like features when it got closer. Makoa couldn't think since the song made him calm.

Then the form was changed into a woman, who had long flowing hair, a thin body, and was fully nude. The female siren then got to him as she kept on singing. "Danae...?" Makoa asked himself as he was fully hypnotized.

Danae II smiled at him as she put her arms around and helped him land, as she still kept singing. Makoa could not move or think. He laid down as he was entranced with the voice and then fainted. Danae II touched his face and kissed him and then got on top of him.


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