Siren's Lust

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Chapter 3

It was Saturday morning, and Danae got up from bed. The young woman looked at the clock, and it was 9 AM. “Might as well get ready.” She got dressed in a long strapless white dress with flower decorations upon it with a long-sleeved blue jean jacket over it, a white crystal necklace, and a fake white flower for her long hair. Danae looked at herself in the mirror and got out of her room.

She was about to make breakfast for herself and her grandmother. Before opening the refrigerator, there was a note from her grandmother stating that she was going to the village to visit friends.

Every Saturday, Danae would go to the beach to pick up some trash. In her view, many people were not considerate enough to assist the Earth that gave them so much. Danae decided to skip breakfast and went to the beach.

As she walked towards the beach, a few people would wave at her and bid her ‘good morning.’ Danae was well known within the island for her love for the beach and helping the community.

While on the beach, a couple of water bottles and other forms of trash were seen here and there. Danae sighed in annoyance and went to pick up the garbage. Luckily, there was no one on the beach, and it gave her more time to be alone.

As the young woman was cleaning parts of the beach, she noticed a tied bag floating in the ocean waters. She raised an eyebrow and picked up parts of her dress to get the bag filled with many sodas, water bottles, and cans. “Strange.” When Danae was about to leave the waters, she saw another bag floating in the waters. She went towards it and picked the bag filled with trash. “What on earth is going on here.”

All of a sudden, she felt something behind her leg, as if touching her affectionately. The young woman flinched and immediately turned around to see what it was.

She stood still.

There was a man, a handsome man, who seemed to be hiding behind the rocky cliffs. To Danae, he was handsome. He stood at five feet and eight inches tall; his skin was a bit pale but had a sense of glow upon it, his eyes were aqua green, his golden hair touched his muscular shoulders. He also has slight facial hair and is filled with muscle and a six-pack that women drool over.

The man smiled at her. “Hello,” he said in an echo kind of way.

Danae was taken out of her shocked state and shook her head. “H-Hello.”

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