Siren's Lust

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Chapter 4

Danae and the male siren didn't say a word. A slight gust of air was between them, touching their skin.

Danae couldn't stop looking at the man before her, hiding as if he held a very dark secret. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen, and it almost looked too good to be true. When she looked at his aqua green eyes, his most intriguing aspect, they shined with the sun. The man smiled and went behind the rocky cliff. "E-Excuse me!" she called out. Danae ran toward the rocky cliffs to see if the man was still there.

Once she got to the side of the cliff, there was nothing but rocks and the ocean waves. "That's strange. Where did he go?" Danae was about to go until she felt something tickle her right leg. She squealed.

Danae looked down and saw a hand touching her leg. Her eyes trailed down to the ocean waters, and that is where she saw him, the man. A smirk was apparent on his handsome face.

She fell on her bottom and slowly went backward as her back hit the rocky cliff. When she was face to face and closer to the man, she felt her heartbeat nervously. The smirk frightened her, but she also found it appealing. "H-H-Hello, sir."

The man did not answer her. His head moved a bit sideways in a child-like manner. Danae did not know why, but she found it adorable. "M-My name is Danae. What's your name?"

The man moved his head sideways again as if he were a puppy trying to understand. Danae could not help but giggle at the man's behavior. "Do you have a name?"

"Name?" asked the man in a child-like manner.

The man finally spoke to her. "Y-Yeah. Your name. You do have a name, right?"

"No name."

The young woman raised an eyebrow. "You don't have a name?"

The man merely smiled and shook his head. "No name."

"Where are you from?"


She nodded in confusion. "Okay, how about your family?"

The man looked confused. "Family?"

She nodded. "Yes, your family. A mother, father, or brother."

"No family. I alone."

Pity struck the human woman, and she did not know why. "W-Were you the one who sent me these bags of trash?"

He nodded. "You clean, you good to the ocean. Humans bad."

Slowly, Danae stood as she held the bags, not noticing that the man said 'humans' instead of people. However, she did notice that the man spoke in an echo child-like manner. She wondered if he had speech difficulties. "Do you have clothes? You're in the cold water."

"Me no clothes."

"Would you like to come by to my house so that I can give you some?"

The man nodded and began to get out of the waters, but he noticed that Danae immediately covered her eyes. Confusion hit him; he looked down and realized that the reason why the young woman covered her eyes was because of his proud cock. He was bare, and a slight smirk came across his face. "It's okay. You look."

Danae shook her head. "I-It's not appropriate! We need to find you something to cover yourself. That was when she remembered that she saw a towel nearby that someone had forgotten. "I will be right back! I will bring you a towel I found." She ran to the beach, got the blue towel, and immediately went to him again, but without looking at him. "Here, cover your lower area."

He got a hold of the towel and covered his lower area.

"L-Let's go. I will give you clothes." The blushing young woman led the way, not noticing that the man's smirk never faded.

Danae walked quickly, holding the man's hand. People were walking through the streets, and they were staring at her and the man, but mostly the man. Danae felt her face getting warm as she was with a naked man.

After what felt like an eternity, she finally made it to her house. Before Danae entered, she took a peek to see if her grandmother was home. Danae called out, but there was no response. A sigh of relief escaped her lips, and she led the man into her home. Once inside, the door was closed.

The male siren looked around the house curiously.

"Please make yourself at home, and I'll try to find some clothes for you. I know my father's clothes are still in the basement. Danae left, leaving the siren alone.

The male siren walked around the house, looking at all the equipment and then the pictures in the living room. He stopped in front of one which had Danae in a lovely beach dress walking in the ocean waters, and her hair was in mid-air with the wind, as was her dress. He licked his lips at sight.

"Alright, I got some clothing for you. I hope they fit you." Danae entered with some boxers, pants, and a plain t-shirt, with some flip flops. When she gave it to him, the siren turned his head sideways. "You can put them on in the bathroom. Meanwhile, I will make iced tea." She motioned him to go to the bathroom, which he did, and closed the door.

Meanwhile, Danae was in the kitchen making iced tea. A couple of minutes later, they were both done. She smiled when she saw him. "You look good in the clothes; it fits you!"

The siren moved his head sideways, almost in a thoughtful manner. "Me no like clothes. I like naked."

The young flinched, almost dropping the iced tea. "We all have our likes, I guess, but I wouldn't want you to catch a cold." She then motioned him to sit on the sofa as she put the tray of the drinks on the table and handed him a cup.

He looked at it curiously, and Danae sat on the other side. "Drink it; it's good." She took a sip, and the siren followed a pursuit. When he took a sip, his eyes became wide open, and he drank the entire cup whole. "Good!"

"Would you like some more?" He nodded his head, and Danae poured him more and drank with his heart content.

"I am curious. You said you don't have a family, but you said you are from here. Where do you specifically come from?"

"Home here. I like it!"

Then a something came up to Danae's mind. "Do you have a house?"


"I would take that as a no," she thought. "You also said you don't have a name."

"No name."

"Well, I don't want to call you' no-name.' Should we make up a name for you?"

The siren nodded his head, and Danae became thoughtful. She looked at him, trying to find a suitable name for him. So many came across her mind but felt it would not suit him, but then a name came to her. "How about Jex? Do you like the sound of that?"

"Jex...I like it!"

A small giggle came out of her lips. "Well, I am glad we found you a name...Jex. Come on, and I would like to take you somewhere."

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