Siren's Lust

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Chapter 5

Danae and 'Jex' went outside the house. Many people were walking in the streets and going to the beach. As the two walked, many stared at them, but mostly Jex.

Many women looked at him with lust that such a handsome man would even exist. The men would glare at him out of jealousy.

Danae could feel the stares of the people as if they were burning her skin. She felt Jex poke her on her shoulder.

He smiled. "Where we go?"

A small smile formed on her lips. "Well, usually I go to the beach with friends to relax. Today we are going to have a picnic together. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to introduce you to them so you can make more friends. What do you think?"


"You'll see. I hope you like them."

The two kept on walking until they arrived at the beach. Jex saw a group of people making food, playing, or talking. He looked at Danae and saw her beautiful smile when she saw them.

Deep down, Jex was not happy. He did not want to be near groups of humans. To him, they were nothing but food until he met Danae. He knew it was not uncommon that sirens would mate with humans to keep their species alive, but it did not mean that they were not valuable for food as well.

He desired Danae for himself and wanted to have more time with her, alone. If Jex were to have Danae, he would have to earn her trust. It did not matter to him; the siren would play along if he had to.

The small group of people saw Danae walk to them. Many of them smiled. "Danae, glad you made it! We thought you would not make it!" said one of the men. He was five feet and eight inches tall, a bit chunky with long curly hair and dark eyes, with tan skin.

"Hey, Cadman! Nice to see you too!" Danae giggled as the two friends hugged. She went on to embrace all her friends, male and female. "Guys, I would like to introduce you to my new friend. His name is Jex, and he's new to this island. I hope you guys don't mind if I brought him along."

The women eyed the male siren in disguise with interest. On the other hand, the men were a bit shocked at the good looks of the new arrival but did not let their jealousy be shown.

One of the women walked up. "Hello, Jex! It is nice to meet you! I'm Kahula, please sit, and we will get you some food!"

Jex looked at the woman before him. Her skin was dark, her hair was dark blonde, but Jex knew it was not her natural hair color. She had large breasts that could fit in a man's hand. She wore a lot of make-up. The male siren wanted to hiss at the woman before him but restrained himself. He merely nodded and went to Danae.

As Danae was about to speak, Cadman greeted another guest. He is over six feet tall man. His skin was light tan, his curly shoulder-length hair was pitch dark, and his eyes were golden brown and handsome with a muscular build.

When the male siren looked at Danae, he could not help but notice the blush on her face when she saw the man. Jex did not like it.

Not one bit.

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