Siren's Lust

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Chapter 6

Danae walked towards the new visitor. "Makoa, it is nice to see you again. How was Honolulu?"

Makoa smiled brightly. "Danae, it is good to see you again after such a long time!" The two went to one another and hugged. Unknown to them, Jex saw the sight before him. He made his hands into fists and bit his lower lip.

Anger swelled inside him like never before. For the first time in his life, he felt jealousy. He did not like the feeling.

The two separated and went into the small party.

"Makoa, I would like to introduce you to my new friend, Jex!" She then looked at the male siren. "Jex, this is my long-time and best friend, Makoa. He was in Honolulu to finish his studies."

Makoa smiled and extended his hand. "Pleased to meet you, Jex."

The male siren glared at Makoa; he did not shake his hand. Everyone looked at the two men in uncomfortable silence.

Danae cleared her throat. "Sorry for him. He's kind of new to this island; he is quite shy!"

Makoa brought back his hand, his smile never wavering. "No problem at all. I am just happy to be back home. Anyway, I'm starving!"

Everyone was talking and laughing, having a good time. Danae sat with Jex as they looked at the lively people. "Jex, that was rude on what you did with Mokoa. When you greet people, you need to shake their hand."

Jex crossed his arms. "I no want to."

The young woman turned to see him, she had to admit it, but he looked like a child with that slight pout on his lips. She wanted to go gaga but composed herself. "Jex, please try to behave."

While Danae spoke with Jex, both didn't notice that Kahlua and the other women were looking at them.

"That guy is hot!"

"Danae is so lucky, and the guys are always attracted to her."

"I hear Makoa likes her but won't admit it."

The other women but Kahlua kept on with their gossip. Kahlua stared at Jex. She felt the need to know him and to have him, and she felt envy for Danae. "She will not take away my chance to have him!"

The day went on without any fuss. Many people were at the beach having picnics, relaxing, or having fun. Danae and her friends were playing volleyball. Jex was invited to play, but he would refuse. Many of the women in the group would ask him if he would like to join them in other activities, but he, too, rejected them.

His focus was solely on Danae. Jex noticed her when she was with Makoa. They would laugh together, give hugs to one another and be around one another. The male siren could feel rage and jealousy flow within him. He had enough. Jex stood up and was about to walk towards Danae, but someone stood before him, blocking his path.

It was Kahlua.

The siren noticed the sultry smile on her lips and how she exposed parts of her body to get his attention. It irked him so and did a mental growl.

"Hey, Jex. I noticed that you are sitting alone. I want you to have fun. Would you like to have a walk on the beach?"

"No." He walked around her and tried to get Danae, but he was stopped again when Kahlua got a hold of his hand.

"Come on! You should try to have fun! I-" She did not finish her statement when Jex got his arm out of her grip and walked away towards Danae.

Kahlua felt jealousy coarse through her veins. The man that she wanted to have for herself walked away from her. She was used to men coming to her, begging her to give them a chance, but Jex was the first to reject her. Kahlua also was angry at Jex that he did not notice her beauty, her body that men would kill to touch. Her sights then set on Danae. She had known Danae since high school but did not consider her as a true friend.

Kahlua used her to get through school and get the men that Danae would be interested in because Danae was beloved by many. What pissed her off was that Danae would be bothered and focused on her life and career. Even though Kahlua had the body and looks, people on the island still loved Danae more.

Her hands turned into fists, but she was still determined to have Jex.

Meanwhile, Jex walked up to Danae and Makoa. The two looked at the male siren. "Hey Jex, are you okay?" asked Danae.

"I go home."

"Oh, would you like to take some food?"

Jex looked at her and touched her arm, but she flinched violently.

"My goodness, Jex, you are frigid! Come on; I will give you warmer clothes." She looked at Makoa and smiled. "I am sorry that I have to leave so soon, but we should meet up again sometime."

"Sounds good to me. How about tomorrow afternoon?"

Danae giggled. "Great, until tomorrow." She waved everyone goodbye. Danae and Jex went off. As for Jex, he smirked to himself, happy that Danae was no longer with Makoa and would have more alone time with her.

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