Siren's Lust

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Chapter 8

The male siren swam in the cold ocean waters, enjoying the feeling. He began to hunt down prey in his true form. Jex craved human flesh but knew that many humans were in their homes, not wanting to be outside in the storm. As he swam, he caught a glimpse of a great white shark.

A monstrous smirk came across his face, and with his speed, Jex swam to the shark within seconds and got a hold of the dangerous predator. The shark tried to get out of his grip, but Jex’s nails grew longer and sharper and stabbed the shark on the side; blood began to pour out like a river. Even though wounded, the shark still tried to get out of the siren’s grip.

Suddenly, Jex bit a huge chunk of the shark and tore parts of its body out. The shark stopped moving; it was dead. The siren began to eat its meal, enjoying the taste. As he was eating, his thoughts went back to Danae. Jex felt happy inside that he had the opportunity to be close to her and touch her.

On the other hand, he knew that he was not the only one who desired her attention. He did not like Makoa or her other friends. The siren did not want Danae around anyone except him. He was impatient but knew that he had to act more human if he wanted to take Danae.

Furthermore, he did not like or trust Danae’s grandmother; she looked at him as if she saw his ruse. He was a bit worried that the older woman would say something, but he would find out tomorrow. If things do not go according to plan, then he would kill to get what he wants.


Kahlua was in her room, looking at her Facebook page, and would post pictures of herself. She would get as many likes as expected, and then she would look at Danae’s page, where she should hardly post any pictures of herself, only to change her profile picture once in a while. It pissed her off that she was very well-liked by many people within the community, especially men.

She saw herself hotter than Danae and did not understand why men still wanted her. Then, she met Jex. Kahlua felt lust for him that she had never felt before for any man. Jex was a man that any woman would die and kill for. She tried to get his attention, but he would ignore her as if she didn’t matter.

It angered her that Danae got everything that she wanted. Kahlua was tired of playing friend, and she decided that Jex would be hers.

Then, an idea went to her. Makoa and Danae were going to meet. She felt that she could use that to her advantage to get Jex.

A small chuckle escaped her lips.

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