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Killing Time

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Myòne Mayes is works as an assassin to crack down all of the vile people in the world. As a beautiful woman, she uses her looks and charms to play a deadly game that leads to her targets’ demise. She soon gets a case to target the infamous Hakim Grant, a charming, but deadly dirty “business” man. What happens when he plays her at her own game, will she give in or win as usual?

Thriller / Erotica
Age Rating:

Flying Solo



an intense feeling of deep affection.

Love to me it is completely foreign. I don’t get those who feel it nor how it works, people say it’s unexpected, that love is blind and follows everyone, well I think that’s complete and utter bull shit. Those who have it, well, good for them, but me? Ha, that’s funny. I had one glint of hope for it only for it to be shattered, time and time again. So I lost faith in it. I don’t waste my time with people unless it’s to get what I want. An occasional hook up gets the heart racing while money is nice, but with a job like mine, most of those interactions will end in bloodshed and it isn’t mine.


I turned my head to the dry voice calling my name in the back of the room. My head tipped back and I sighed, while I tried to hide the irritation from my tone.

“What is it Mr. Owens?” I asked in a slow speed while I sharpened a knife.

“I heard you were reckless from Johns.” He said.

I rolled my eyes while I twisted my knife; my reflection stared back through me and I stared at it in admiration before glancing towards my boss with narrowed eyes.

“Mr. Owens, not to be rude, but Johns has shown time and time again that he doesn’t have the highest opinion about me. He’s not the most credible source to believe especially since I carried my job while he didn’t.” I explained while rising from my seat, “Now, I have to go put away my gear.”

That shut him up real quickly. He had an obvious bias within our little community. He only kept me around because nobody can deny I do my job damn well and I’m a pretty face. That is a very big factor, I’m aware of my looks, shit I use it to my advantage, but he doesn’t have to compare me to a chocolate bar like a weirdo while taking every chance to criticize me at the same time.

I puffed out my airy afro with one hand while I twirled around my knife with the other while I walked down the hall. My heels clicked against the tile, echoing through the hall; for once I had some time to myself. As much as my job gave an adrenaline rush, it was very exhausting, especially being around vile people for more than 5 minutes. The greatest satisfaction is killing them slowly without any reparations, that’s the great part about being an assassin.

A smile spread across my lips. I opened the door at the end of the hall and got to the lockers. I put in the code to mine and started to align my knives in order when I heard the sound of footsteps ringing in my ears.

“Myòne.” Johns said.

I huffed and continued to put my gear into the locker. He says my name with venom, like it leaves a nasty aftertaste in his mouth, that’s a sign it shouldn’t be in his mouth. I heard his footsteps one by one until I felt the heat radiating from him, closely to my bare back. Keeping my composure was getting really hard, but I slammed my locker door and turned to walk to the door when he grabbed my wrist and slammed me to the back of the locker.

“I said your name, answer.” He snarled.

I rolled my eyes at him, “I don’t have to do anything for you. Now let me go.”

His icy blue eyes burned into mine until I turned my wrist up and elbowed him in the nose and kicked him where it hurt, sending him in the ground. He groaned in pain while a smile took up my face.

“Fuck you….” He gritted.

I giggled, “I warned you, but I guess that didn’t get into that pretty little head of yours.”

I walked slowly to where he was laying and bent down with a suggestive smile across my full lips. My head tilted as I took in his clenched teeth, furrowed brows, and spreading red around his nose. I laughed again and kicked his arm.

“You’re pathetic.” I said before stepping over him and putting my hand on the door, “Remember, Owens and Fields has new missions to give out, don’t be late.” I sang.

I walked back out and slammed the door behind me. Most men don’t bother me, but Johns especially gets under my skin. He hates me yet thinks I’m some kind of toy for his enjoyment and gets mad whenever I reject him. I shook my head just thinking about it while I walked to the main hub.

Tonight, we were supposed to get new missions assigned. I was hoping—no I was praying that I’d get a solo mission because I swear if I get one more mission with Johns I will murder a person and it won’t be my target.

I let out a sigh while I got to the door. I typed in my identification number before the glass doors separated to let me into the area. Owens and Fields, our coordinator, were already in the room with a few other of my ‘coworkers’. I walked in and I already felt all the eyes glued to my ass, including Owens’ while Fields just shook her head in disappointment.

“Hello Fields.” I greeted with a slight wave.

She nodded and a slight smile graced her, “Hello Mayes.”

I walked over to a vacant white table, pulling out a chair and staring up front while others conversed with the other employees. I shifted in my seat while tapping my nails on the table repeatedly, awaiting for them to just make their announcement already. My eyes began to travel across the room, watching everyone talk and laugh while I sat here looking alien; this is like high school all over again.

Finally after 84 years, Fields tapped at her desk in front of her while Owens concentrated on the laptop that he had.

“Alright everyone, we’re giving a new batch of missions. You guys know the drill, we’ll give the brief rundown before letting you loose.” She announced while readjusting her glasses.

There were a few murmurs before she started calling out names and each of the bios of the targets would be displayed on the projector in the middle of the room. People would walk up to get the files then leave. I tried waiting patiently as they went down in alphabetical order until I heard my name.


I looked up and got out of my seat to walk down the center to where she and Owens were.

She looked down at a paper, “Now Mayes, we’re giving you a bit of a special case. We think you’d be perfect for it considering your techniques to lure in your targets.”

I tilted my head, “Is it a solo mission?” I asked, hoping the answer was yes.

She nodded, “Yes, it is.”

“Yay!—I mean um, thank you.”

Fields laughed before clearing her throat, “Now, your target is Hakim Grant. He is quite the lover of women, but is very cunning and calculated.”

I put my hand in my chin, thinking. I could work with that.

“We will need you to work on this mission for a while. We will send you over there for a duration of 6 months, to gain his trust then stake the kill.”

I nodded.

She smiled while she looked to Owens. He pushed a button on the computer and I heard a few gasps from some of the people behind me.

My eyes drifted up to the screen and I was greeted with the sight of the finest man I’ve ever seen. Brassy skin that was rich and smooth looking, deep green eyes that were almost enchanting in a way, as if they were meant to hypnotize you. His locs cascaded down his broad shoulders while his beard was well groomed. He adorned a lazy smirk with an eyebrow raised as if he was aware of his magnetic charm through the photo.

I blinked then smiled.

“This should be interesting…” I muttered, “This should be really interesting….”

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