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Killing Time

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the action of manipulating someone in a clever or unscrupulous way.
I lathered my arms in baby oil then extended down to my legs. I stared at my body gleaming in the mirror and smiled in satisfaction. My hand reached over to grab my honeysuckle and melon body spray, spritzing it on various places on my body. I stared at my naked body after setting down the spray. Wide hips with dips that went into my thick thighs that were smooth and rich. Up top, my breasts were round and perky with midnight areolas. My hands traveled down to my built stomach, smooth and muscular; something I used to carry a lot of insecurity for.
When you are a black woman—a dark-skin black woman, you are susceptible to emasculation from the most idiotic things. Whether it be because your body is a bit built, how we talk, our height, our features; it always seems to be something. We can never be feminine beings, we always have to be the ‘protector’, a strong black woman. I might kill people for a living, but I admit things get hard, I can’t always be strong, that’s why I always value my femininity. I love dressing up, I love using my sexuality to my advantage, it gives me a thrill.
I leaned in front of the mirror; I’m so beautiful. From my fluttered lashes, to my wide nose and plump lips. This mission is going to be a piece of cake. I slipped on some pure white panties before I grabbed my silk, nude dress from the counter top. I pulled it up my body, it was backless and extended to my ankles. A smile pursed on my lips as I checked how the dress fit, twisting and turning in the mirror. I clapped before I opened my drawer and took out a golden pick and picked out my afro into a heart shape. Finally, I did my makeup quickly before I was finally ready.
Hakim Grant, was to be holding a “little” dinner party, celebrating his accomplishments. All the big people will be there and him himself, which is quite convenient when he has a reputation of not being seen much. Fields had explained I didn’t have to have a cover because simply the man is so intelligent, he’d figure out who I am quickly. This makes the mission a bit more interesting, most of my targets aren’t aware I’m an assassin until the very end, but I guess this man is so sick that he’d get a kick out of knowing he’s being hunted down. I’d take him out before he even finds out though, I’m sure I could do that.
I slipped a knife and gun inside my bag before I left the bathroom and went out the door to my hotel. My chauffeur waited outside and I smiled. I walked in and he nodded to me through the mirror with a still face.
“Thank you.” I said.
The man blinked and looked away with his face reddening with every second passing by.
“It’s no problem Ms. Mayes.”
I patted out my dress, “Call me Myòne, no need for formalities.”
He nodded before starting to drive. We conversed the whole time, he seemed like a nice young man. His uneasy demeanor seemed to phase out as the time went on until we got to my destination. He looked down while waving vigorously. A smile pulled at the ends of my lips and I bent down to peck his cheek.
“Goodbye, I appreciate our talk.” I smiled while I waved, getting out of the car.
He still sat, dumbfounded as I walked towards the entrance. I giggled to myself and then scoped the area. The building was illuminating brightly while the entrance had a scarlet carpet leading up to it while two suited men sat on opposite sides of the door. Their eyes stuck to me as I walked up to the door, one twisted his head and put his hand out.
“Good evening miss, ID please?” The guard said.
I walked up to him, swinging my hips and got to my tippy toes to whisper, “Jaded.”
He looked at me before smiling, “You have a great rest of your evening.”
I nodded while I walked into the place. Thank goodness Fields had that secret password in his file, or I would have definitely been caught. As I walked around, I took in the suits and expensive dresses of all the guests, the smell of champagne and roses filled the room. There were velvet carpets all along the floor I walked while a large stage was set up front with large tables extending on the sides of the room. They held many drinks and bougie looking foods while servants carried around appetizers on their metal platters.
I weaved around many people until I found a vacant round table close enough to the stage and took a seat there. Hakim was supposed to make his announcement around this time, all I had to do now was wait.
As if someone was listening to my thoughts, the sound of a glass clinking echoed around the room. Voices began to quiet down and soon loud footsteps began to tap until he was on stage, in the flesh.
I cannot deny the man his attractiveness. Some of his locs were neatly pulled back while the rest fell down his back, he wore a fitted grey suit that curved around his muscles perfectly, a gold chain across his chest and bracelets and rings to match. His beard seemed to be freshly shaved, outlining his full lips while he had a white smile spreading across his copper face. He held up a microphone to his lips while looking around.
“Good evening everyone, I hope you all are doing well.” He said.
His voice was deep and silky with a bit of raspiness, I tilted my head, not expecting his strong English accent which only added to the sophistication of his tone.
He smiled as everyone responded to his greeting, “As you all know, we are celebrating my company’s legacy. It’s been a great 100 years.” He beamed before continuing, “There’s many people I’d like to thank. My brother Jules, my dear mother, my…father. My advisor Charles.” He said while winking at someone in the crowd.
“I’d also like to thank-“ His eyes drifted towards me and our eyes locked. I already had him in my spell.
He continued while I puffed out my hair. “I’d like to thank everyone who works for me, I really appreciate you and I’d love to expand my family even further.” He announced while his eyes never wavered from mine.
He raised his glass up, “To new beginnings!”
Everyone followed his gesture while I sat there with my eyes glued to him, just to reel him in of course.
I turned back around in my chair. A servant walked by and I grabbed a glass of red wine from his platter and took a small sip until I felt another presence behind me.
“Excuse me…” The deep voice trailed off.
I turned around to see his forest eyes set on me.
“Yes…?” I nod with a hint of a smile.
“I couldn’t help but notice you over here, are you a friend, relative…or girlfriend or wife of anyone’s? I’m sorry if it sounds rude, it’s just I remember faces and I definitely would remember your beautiful face.”
I giggled while I whirled my glass in my hand.
“You’re quite the charmer aren’t you?”
He smiled while taking a seat, his dimples popped out on both sides of his cheeks, “I’d like to think I am miss.”
“My name is Myòne.” I introduced while putting out my hand.
He took it and kissed the top, “Hakim.”
I smiled, “Nice to meet you Hakim…”
He looked around then a mischievous smile pulled at his thick lips. “Would you like to join me in my office, I was just going to go in there to get away from this stuffy party, but I’d love some company.”
“I’d love that.”
We both got up and he led me to an elevator, guiding me by the small of my back. His hand was warm and large, in fact this whole man was large, towering over me. Killing him would require a lot of force or poison, but that’s the easy way.
The doors separated and we walked down the hall in silence. He stole a few glances and I’d only stare back.
He finally opened the door to a room and slipped the key in his pocket. I walked in first to scope the room and take in my surroundings. I’d pull out my knife and cut him, catch him off guard so I can trip him and take the final shot with my gun in his head. I heard the door shut behind me and I whipped around to be greeted by the sight of a gun in my face.
“Now love, you didn’t think you could get rid of me did you?”
Shit, he caught on quick.

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