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The dark soul

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Students are missing from the high school. The whole pensilvinia started to fear. There are no tracks of the missing students. Many agencies and police departments started to search for them. Will they ever able to find them?? If they find.will those students be alive?

Thriller / Drama
hash writz
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Chapter 1

"sir, please allow us to search the premises of your school grounds" the tall man in cop dress requested the principal Mr.Jhonson. The principal allowed the cops into the school for search of the missing students.

The students of the pensilvinia public school were at their homes.
The parents of the three missing students were busy in searching their children in their neighborhood.

The whole town is filled with fear. The students were missed for four days.
The police department allotted a special team for the search , but there was no luck in finding them.

The silent neighborhood where Mr. John Thomas was residing filled with the police sirens. Mr.Thomas is the father of a missing student, Steve Thomas. Mr.Thomas is a single parent after his wife died. Him and his son led a very happy life. Mr. Thomas has two petrol bunks and a supermarket in the centre of town. Also steve known to be the craziest kid in town who does the weirdest pranks. Though his academics were well enough to get into a decent University he doesn't have the good student behaviour.

The house of Mr. Harper and Mrs. Harper is very moody. Their child is one of the missing student,Nate Harper.
Mr.Henry Harper works as a doctor in his own clinic. He's away with an emergency at the clinic leaving his wife Nancy and their daughter beth home. Nate is a book worm. He uses his time in studying and collecting information of his lessons from library.

Mandy is the third missing student. She's an orphan. Mandy's a hardworker. She does two part time jobs at owen stories , popular bakery in town and in a salon. The children from orphanage loved mandy very much . She treated them as her sisters and brothers. She also helps in fund raising for the orphanage. The news of Mandy's missing took the whole orphanage into dark state. The children wept for mandy.

In all newspapers and local channels this is the breaking news.
Will the cops find the missing students ?
Will Mandy, Nate and Steve return to their normal lives?
To Be Continued

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