Zero Hour

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Robyn’s P.O.V

I regretted coming here. I thought coming here would help me think few things through, but it only had only made me more emotional. I turned to my right and realized that someone visited here recently, they left a scarf. The sky was so pleasant, and clear. I couldn’t find a single cloud in the sky; it made the sky more beautiful as I could clearly see all the stars then. I wished everything had been that clear, but they weren’t. I sighed and got back to my car.

I realized how late it was and rushed home to avoid my mom’s scolding. I drove home as quickly as I can while still not exceeding any speed limit. I have enough speeding tickets from my old town, I didn’t need any new from this town. I did miss my old town and my friends from there. After all it had been just a month for us in the new town. And most of the month was over in packing, settling and trying out homeschool which didn’t work out for me. So I was going to start the last semester of my high school in a new school from the next day.

“Where were you until now? You know about mom, she would freak out. Are you okay?” Brian questioned me with concern laced in his voice.

I sighed and nodded saying I was fine. I don’t know how to make my concerns seem legitimate by wording them to someone, I was in fact scared that they would seem like I am just bluffing. He ushered me inside through the garage door and locked it behind me. I went to my bedroom and sat on my bed.

Someone knocked my door and I asked them to come in. It was my father. He looked worn out from all the extra work he was doing. His blue eyes which I didn’t inherit looked so tired but that kind smile never ceased to leave his face adorning it. Brian and Luke were lucky enough to inherit his blue eyes, unlike me, Noah and Peter. He came and sat beside me on the bed.

“Len I know that you don’t like this new town. But please give it a chance for me, will you?” He asked me.

“Dad I understand that we had to move here. You don’t need to worry about anything, I will survive alright.” I said.

“Thank you for being so understanding. Your mom and I owe you all one.”

“Dad both of you doesn’t owe anything to us. You gave up so many things for us, we all decided that this move was the right choice for us and we came here. Don’t overthink anything. Go and have some quality sleep before leaving for work.” I reassured him that I was not upset. He kissed my forehead and left to sleep. I don’t think me or my four brothers regretted our decision of shifting to our parents’ hometown. They needed this move. I stopped my mind from wandering and fell into a deep slumber.


I checked my make up in the rear view mirror of my car. It was good so I got out of my car and made my way to the front desk. I tried to blend in and not draw any kind of attention to myself. It was already hard being a transfer student and I was changing schools in the last semester. But my efforts to blend in go to vain when I bump into a petite girl. Her caffeinated drink spilled all over both of us. A great way to start the first day at a new school, I thought. I sighed and looked at her. Her green eyes looked so beautiful that I could literally keep staring into them the rest of my life. But my staring contest came to end when she glared at me with so much frustration. I gulped nervously realizing that she was in a foul mood and I just spilled her drink all over her clothes.

“I am so sorry. I was just thinking abou-” she cut me off by walking away after muttering a whatever. Her long brown locks perfectly bounced as she left. I turn and notice a kind looking girl smiling at me.

“Hey, don’t mind Margot. She was just having a bad morning. I am Kimberly. Are you a freshman, ’cause I haven’t seen you around here?” She spoke so fast it was hard to keep up with her.

“ No. I am a senior, I just transferred here. We moved to town a month ago.” I smiled.

“Oh, That’s what I thought. I would know anyone from our school. Cool, so do you want me to give you a tour …”

I realized I didn’t give her my name and answer, “ I am Robyn.”

“Yes, Robyn. What do you say about the tour?” She was kind enough to offer me and I couldn’t turn her down, so I just nodded which just made her grin. She saw someone behind me and went to hug her. I turned to see a blonde girl. She was about Kimberly’s height.

“Oh, Amber this is Robyn, our new transfer student. Robyn this is my other best friend Amber. The other one is Margot, who you bumped into before.” Kimberly said cheerfully.

“Yeah I remember Kimberly. Nice to meet you, Amber.” I shook her hand and she gave me a smile.

“Nice to meet you too.” She said she had to meet her boyfriend and left us.

Kimberly and I collect my schedule and made our way to our first class. She was really a bubbly person, she is friends with literally everyone. She was telling me how Amber went to Europe with her family for winter break and she was just returning today, when suddenly I saw Margot speaking to some guy. He looked so athletic, I thought it was her boyfriend. I don’t know why but that thought made me a little upset. Kim finally noticed me looking at Margot and that dude.

“ Oh that’s Margot. Wait you already know who she is. My bad, So Amber was in France and she was…”

I noticed Margot looked at me. She had stone-faced expression. Kim and I got into the class, But that day I couldn’t concentrate on any of my lessons as certain green eyes kept making their way into my mind. I don’t know why but her eyes carried so many emotions, like she hid an entirely different person under that cold exterior. Maybe she did hide her true personality. But I wanted see her green eyes again.

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