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Diabolik in an insidious way

Thriller / Horror
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This story is A Pigment of my Imagination.

Yes! A pigment indeed, you read that right.

In other words, I do not glamorize themes like this but due to my brain having some cartwheel thinking "it's disturbing, intriguing, and downright a Guilty pleasure" I'm rewriting this.

If your feel this story does not suit you.

Again, if by any chance you do not Like the themes, do not REPORT!

Just Move Along or as the Song says" Let it Go, Let it Go, don't hold it back anymore.
Let it go, Let it Go, Turn away and Slam the Freaking door!
I don't Care what You're going to Say. Yada, yada, yada" ..

Do you get what I mean?

There will be admonishment after this. .

Themes include:

Downright degrading moral acts a Person can and will Do out of His or Her whim.

All Characters, places, scenarios, names and etc mentioned in this story are pure fictions of my own. Any relevance to life is not intended to have been made.

All rights reserved.

I retain all rights provided by copyright law.

As such, another person cannot reproduce, distribute and/or adapt any part of the work without my permission.

That being stated.


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