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The Butterfly's Daughter

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When Bella was little, she went missing. After few days she was found in the woods - with no memories of the first years of her life. But now the memories are coming back, horrifying dreams torment her at night. When she stumbles upon something unexplainable, she realises that everything she knew about her past might not be true at all. ********************************************* Eight years ago, Nelly's sister Lucretia disappeared without a trace. All her life Nelly believed that her sister had abandoned her. But when she is contacted by a stranger who claims to have seen Lucretia, everything changes. Because there is something wrong with her hometown. The secrets buried years ago are the key to the mystery of the disappearance of Lucretia and other girls. And Nelly won't stop until all of the secrets see the light of day.

Thriller / Mystery
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She is my Virgin Mary, my Eva, birthed in innocence, destined to seduce and entice.

Her heart is my Parádeisos, Her mind - my Kólasi.

She is my Sofia, and I am Her Theos.

It has been said: Her weakness, Her inquisitiveness shall be Her fall, for Her mind is as fertile as Her womb.

She is the Rise, She is the Fall.

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