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A thriller featuring Lesbian Kink and polyamory. The sequal to Love&Pain It's been seven years since the events that brought Serena, Mia and Monique together and things are going well. When ghosts from the past resurface the young family stands to lose everything. Can they protect their happy Bliss or will everything end in Agony?

Thriller / Romance
Evelien Heerens
Age Rating:

A perfect day

Start writing here…Agony&Bliss

Authors note:

This is a direct sequel to Love&Pain and the second book in the “Games of trust and desire” series. I highly recommend reading Love&Pain before reading this book. This book can stand on it’s own but there will likely be details, some important, that will make more sense in the context of that book. As always I will be adding a trigger warning here to inform your consent to reading this story. I hope you will love reading it as much as I loved writing it. I dedicate this book to my muse, my beastie to whom I am forever beholden for all the joy, love and support they have brought into my life.

Trigger warning:

CPS intervention
Police violence
Child separation

Sexual assault

Sudden onset of disability

Chapter 1 A perfect day


We put Kayla in a lovely princess dress. I can’t believe she is almost 6 years old now. It seems only yesterday that we went to the fertility clinic for the in vitro fertilization. Kayla has been a blessing on our family, I could have never predicted how much love and joy our little daughter would bring into our lives. Today is a special day, Frank and Frankie are finally going to tie the knot. So we were all dressed in our finest and getting ready to head out for the ceremony.

“I want make-up on too mommy!” Kayla shouted her demand. Monique smiled and patted the chair for her to sit down.

I zipped Mia into her dress and she turned around to place a soft kiss on my lips. “She is growing up so fast isn’t she?”

I nodded to her. “Yeah, I don’t want to miss a second of it.” I saw something in her eye then, a longing. I lowered my voice to a whisper. “You want to try again don’t you?” She startled but then nodded. “We’ll talk it over with Monique tonight, after the party.”

We hugged. Monique applied some eye shadow and blush on Kayla’s face and she looked over the moon. She jumped off the chair to run over to show us. I scooped her up in my arms and lifted her so she was face to face with us. “Look how pretty I am mommies!”

We pressed a kiss to both cheeks at the same time. “The prettiest of them all. Grandma Frankie is going to be so jealous.”

She giggled. “No she won’t.”

I raised my eyebrows at her. “You don’t think she will?”

Kayla shook her head. “No, She’d just be happy for me.”

I laughed and Mia got that melting look. Our kid’s awesome. “You are absolutely right Kayla.”

She wiggled. “Now put me down or we are going to be late and I don’t want to miss the cake!”

I put her down. “Alright princess. We’ll hurry up.”


We strapped her into her booster seat and drove to the location. They had opted to rent the botanical gardens for their ceremony and luckily the weather was clear and warm today. Not something you can always count on in May in this climate. We wouldn’t have to use the fallback location. Mia was driving and Monique was sitting in the front seat while I rode in the back with Kayla.

Monique turned in her seat to look at Kayla. “What are you most excited about today princess?”

Kayla thought about it for a moment but then her face lit up. “The dancing!” Mia had been practicing with all of us for about a month now and I had to admit I was rather looking forward to that part as well. I smiled at Monique and she blushed. “What are you looking forward to mommy?”

Monique looked straight at me. “The dancing, same as you pumpkin.” I reached over and took Monique’s hand over the seat. She put a soft kiss on mine.

We arrived at the gardens and they were gorgeous. All the roses were in full bloom and the whole garden was awash in greens, reds, purples and whites. Frank looked nervous as hell and kept fidgeting with his cufflinks. Lucas was talking to him about something and taking his best man job seriously by the looks of it.

Jenny stepped up to hug us. “You made it! Oh my god Kayla looks adorable!”

I hugged her back. “Hey Jen. Where should I go to find Frankie?”

She pointed back towards the parking lot. “The caravan!” I nodded my thanks and left my family to go see to the maiden of honor duties.



Kayla let go of our hands to run up to her grandfather. Frank swept her up in his arms and spun her through the air making her screech and giggle. For a moment he seemed to forget just how nervous he was. He propped her up on his arm and listened to her stories.

Mia slid her arms around my waist and leaned her chin on my shoulder from behind. “We’re lucky aren’t we?”

I leaned back into her. “Yes we are.”

She sighed. “It’d be almost crazy right? To rock the boat and want more?”

I turned in her arms so I could look at her. “What is it angel?”

She shook her head. “It’s selfish.”

I cupped her face and frowned at her. “That would not be very typical of you.” I smiled then and she looked away blushing.

“Well this is.”

I slid my hands down her neck and rested them on her shoulders. “What is it Mia, I promise

you can tell me.”

She gave me a guilty pained look. “I want to carry a child. I want to try again for another baby and I want to be the one to carry it.”

My eyes widened in surprise for a moment but then I pulled her into a hug. “That’s not selfish. We have some savings left, we can make that work. Why would you feel that that is selfish?”

She pulled away. “Because you can’t.. Because..”

Ah. It made sense now. “Because I’m trans.” She nodded. “Lots of women can’t have babies Mia. I’m blessed because in spite of that, I still get to be a mother.”

She teared up a little. “Is that really how you feel?”

I took her hand and pulled her away from the scene a bit so we could really talk in private. “I’m as much Kayla’s mother as you are. Just like I’m your wife, and Serena’s. Just because society is wrong and feels different then we do doesn’t mean we don’t get to determine our own truth. I learned that a long time ago.”

She took my hands in hers. “You’re right.” She looked up at me. “So you are okay with it?”

I smiled at her. “I’m thrilled. I would love to have another baby with you guys! Kayla is going to make an awesome big sister.”

That made her giggle. “I think you are right about that as well.” She turned to look at our little munchkin, she was showing off her dance moves to her grandpa. Frank was drinking in every second of it and you could almost see his eyes shine from all the way over here.

I wrapped her in my arms looking along over her shoulder, she brushed her face against mine. “We did alright with her so far.” I told Mia. She let out a sigh and I knew she was letting go of her worries.

We took our seats as the ceremony was starting. Serena came to get Kayla to prep her for her part as flower girl. We had nice front row seats. It wasn’t too big a crowd, maybe 60 people. A mash of our friends and people Frankie knew from the kink community and even a few regulars from the restaurant dad had gotten close to over the years.

Kayla walked with a look of grim determination, taking measured steps and careful to spread roughly equal amounts of flowers over the floor everywhere, sometimes halting when she wasn’t happy with how they spread so she could throw a few more. She was taking her job super seriously and it was adorable to watch. The music played over the speakers and it was the classic bridal march. Frank loved the classics and it suited him. Kayla reached the spot in front of the priest and upturned her basket in front of his feet, dumping all the remaining petals there before throwing the basket off to the side eliciting a round of chuckles from everyone. She grinned up at her grandpa and Serena scooped her up, propping her on her arm.

Frankie looked absolutely gorgeous walking down the isle. She radiated this inner glow. I teared up and had to think back to my own ceremony that we did on the beach in Hawaii all those years ago. They took each others hands and the priest smiled and started the usual spiel of dearly beloved. It was beautiful and perfect for them.

After the ceremony we drove back to the restaurant. All the tables had been cleared and with the expansion we had done a few years ago there was a lot of extra floor space but it was still pretty packed. We danced and laughed and ate cake.

Kayla was asleep in Mia’s lap shortly after dinner. We said our goodbye’s to take her home. It had all been beautiful and perfect and I reflected on how much my life had changed over the years. First I believed that I had gained my freedom after my parents died and I inherited a fortune and was finally free to transition. And while would never had the ability to do that without said fortune, it oddly took losing that fortune for me to truly become myself and become a part of something that I hadn’t realized I’d wanted my entire life. A family that loves and accepts me.

Serena tucked Kayla into bed and we all sat down at the kitchen table. Mia poured us some wine and we waited for Serena. It didn’t take long. She accepted the glass with a smile and took her seat for our family meeting. “So I take it you talked to each other about this?” Serena said with a knowing smile. Mia nodded, a little embarrassed.

“I think it’s a great idea.” I pitched in to make things a little easier on her.

“Alright. I think you should book us an appointment with the clinic then.” Serena said to Mia with a smile.

She bubbled with excitement. “You guys are the best!” We both got up to hug her. We stood there like that for a while.

“You know.” I said. “Kayla seemed really worn out and she’ll probably sleep through the night.”

They both looked at me and then at each other. “Let’s go downstairs.”

Mia unlocked the door to the large basement level and we slipped in before locking it behind us. Serena turned on the three baby monitors that we kept down here so we would know if Kayla woke up and started looking for us. Then after exchanging a glance they both turned on me like a pack of wolves.



The look on Monique’s face was priceless when our intentions became clear. We each grabbed one of her arms and dragged her to the center of the room. She struggled to no avail. Her dress was strapless so there was no need to undress her before the next part.

Serena and I both manacled one of her wrists and used the ropes and pulleys to pull her arms above her head until she was almost on her tiptoes, suspended from the ceiling. I could tell how much our brutal suddenness was getting to her by how fast she was breathing. She continued to struggle but I could tell how much she wanted us to make her submit.

Serena picked up her riding crop while I picked up the bullwhip and Monique stilled. Watching us with her pulse beating in her throat. I sashayed over to her and wrapped an end of the whips loosely around her throat. “What have we caught today kitten?”

Serena grinned and walked over, running the riding crop over Monique’s body. “I’m not sure angel but if I’m not mistaken we may have a very bad girl on our hands.”

I nodded. “I think you may be right. Perhaps we should break her and figure that out.”

Monique fought her restraints. “You can’t break me!”

It was okay for her to raise her voice or scream as much as she wanted. That was exactly why we had had this room soundproofed.

Serena had moved up behind her and unzipped her dress. It fell and pooled at her feet. “Maybe this one will be less defiant if we strip her so she can’t hide how wet her pussy is for us.”

I nodded in agreement and tightened the whip around her neck. “Yes, I think she is lying. Her body will reveal the truth.”

Serena yanked her back by the hair and hissed in her ear. “Tell me your color.”

Monique’s chest heaved. “Green.” She whispered.

I yanked her panties down her legs while Serena unclipped her strapless bra. She was bare to us in seconds. “Look at all this delicious skin. All ready for our marks.” Monique bit back a moan.

Serena nodded and sucked her lips tightly on to her shoulder making a hickey. Monique would have to dress slightly more conservatively for a few days.

I grabbed one of her nipples and pinched hard. It drew a cry from her lips but then she shook her head, still refusing to submit. “I’ll never surrender to you.”

I chuckled. “We’ll see little one, we’ll see.” I walked over to the closet and picked up our newest toy. Monique hadn’t seen it yet but I was pretty sure she knew what it was. Her eyes widened when she saw the electric wand. Little sparks of lightning danced inside the glass rod and then concentrated at the point of contact when I pressed it to the nipple I’d twisted just a moment ago. She cried out more in surprise then pain. I knew what setting it was on because I had used it to play with myself earlier this morning. “I think she likes it.” I purred to Serena who was still holding onto her hair.

“Let me try.” Serena slipped out of her dress and underwear and stalked over to me. I held out the wand to her and she pressed her tongue to the tip. “Yum yum. I think we should use it on her more but the setting may still be a little too low.”

I nodded and pretended to fiddle with the dials. I handed Serena the wand and she moved it around just an inch away from her body. Monique twisted and threw her weight around in her restraints trying to stay away from it’s sting. I slipped out of my clothes as well and started touching Serena.

Monique’s eyes zeroed in on my fingers brushing over Serena’s nether lips and hunger showed in them. Serena touched the wand to the inside of her thigh then and Monique jumped and cried out again. “Yeah, she likes it.”

Monique shook her head. “No I don’t.”

Serena laughed. “Liar, then why is your pussy dripping?”

Monique struggled again. “It isn’t. I’m not!”

I ran my hand up her leg. “Something is moist here. Let’s see.” I peeled open her lips and rubbed her bud.

“Fuck!” Monique cried out. I kept her held open but removed my hand from her sensitive bud, Serena then applied the wand there. The effect was instantaneous. Monique bucked and moaned and almost orgasmed. Serena pulled the wand away before she could cum and Monique let out a pitiful whimper.

Serena handed the wand back to me and then touched it with the riding crop instead. Monique jumped expecting the sting but then cried out in frustration.

“Are you ready to submit? To admit to your lust?”

She shook her head again. “You won’t break me.” We moved our hands over her body and she pressed herself into our hands. We brushed over her sex and breasts but never long enough to let her fall over the edge. She started whimpering incoherently.

“What was that?”

Monique closed her mouth and shook her head, probably not trusting her voice to express her defiance. We turned to each other then. I touched the wand to Serena’s breasts right in front of Monique and Serena moaned without reservation or shame. Her hand and the riding crop brushed over my body at the same time. We were both gyrating our hips suggestively and I could see the moisture glistening on Monique’s thigh. Neither of us was touching her anymore. I hissed as Serena ran the handle of the riding crop between my folds and I opened my mouth to her kiss.

Monique cried out in frustration. “Please!”

We turned to her. “Please what?”

She bit her lip and then said in a small voice. “Please make this slut cum.”

I chuckled. “I don’t think I heard that right.”

Serena smiled darkly. “No, me neither. It almost sounded like she was submitting.”

Monique huffed. “Please touch me.” She begged.

“So you do want it?” I teased. Monique closed her eyes.

“Answer her!” Serena yanked her head back by the hair.

She cried out breathlessly. “I want it so much! Please touch me, use me, make me cum. I’m your slut. I’m yours.”

I slid the device between her nether lips and increased the voltage. Serena smashed lips to hers and mauled one of her breasts with her free hands. I angled the device to slip deeper inside of her and her hips started bucking. Fucking herself on the rod. When Serena broke their kiss and bit into her throat Monique screamed out her release.

I removed the rod from her pussy slowly and her knees buckled. Serena stepped in to support her weight so she wouldn’t be hanging from her wrists. I worked the pulley to let her down.

Monique was smiling blissfully and her eyes were still rolled into the back of her head. That’s when we heard a crackle over the speakers. “Mommy?!”

I stepped in and took Monique into my arms while Serena quickly undid her manacles. “Go.” I told her. “I got this.”

Serena hurried over to the door and grabbed one of the bathrobes hanging there. She quickly made her way up the stairs.



I hurried into Kayla’s room. The whole place was dinosaur themed and her toys were scattered across the floor. I turned the light on and walked in careful not to step on any.

Kayla looked at me sleepily but also clearly upset. “Hey there princes. What’s wrong?” I sat down next to her on the bed and she quickly crawled onto my lap.

“I had a bad dream.”

I started rubbing her back over the unicorn onesie that served as her pajamas. “Do you want to tell me about it?”

She shook her head. “No. I don’t want to talk about it.”

I sighed and kissed the top of her head. “Okay sweetie. Just know that you can at any time if you ever change your mind.”

She nodded. “I know. I just want to forget about it for now.”

I smiled at her. “Okay, how about I tell you a story then?” She nodded into me and closed her eyes. I turned off the light and then continued to softly rub circles over her back. “Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a princes. She was the smartest girl who ever was. All the dinosaurs in the land were her friends and everyone loved her.”

Kayla stretched and then relaxed. “I love this story.”

I continued in a softer voice. “One day, one of the princes’ dinosaur friends went missing, so she climbed on her horse to go look for him. First she looked near the pond and asked all the frogs around if someone had seen him but no one had.” Her breathing changed as she drifted off to sleep. I just held her for a little while longer until I felt all the tension had left her body. Today had held a lot of excitement for her. She would tell us what was bothering her when she was ready. I slid her back into her bed and she cuddled up in her blankets, clutching Grover to her chest. “Sweet dreams princess.”

I slipped out of the room slowly, careful not to step on toys in the dark. Mia was walking a happily sated Monique towards our bedroom. “How is she?” Mia whispered.

“Bad dream. She’s asleep again.” We slipped into our room, took of our robes and cuddled up on the bed together.

“Thanks guys.” Monique murmured.

I chuckled. “It was your turn honeybear. You are very welcome.” We kissed each other good night and drifted off to sleep.


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