MASSACRE-sixth episode- Nostalgia

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Jay meets Chaitanya on his way to office, then, he reminds his parents love story

Thriller / Romance
Nagaraj Bumula
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Sixth episode- Nostalgia

Alarm wakes me up... I have to get ready for the office, Raj have to pick me up. It's been a week the blast incident has happened... everyone has moved on with their lives so was I... I was on the street waiting for Raj to, he was so late, then I thought, may be I should take metro instead... I was walking towards nearest metro station, I saw Chaitanya Jr. entering into a crime scene... I have a habit, say hello to known persons... I went there and police stopped me, warned me no entry for others, I told I know Chaitanya Reddy Jr... Chaitanya heard my voice and came for me, he told he's one of Athreya's friends... let him in... I was like... I saw you coming into the scene, I came by to say Hello!... Hello... smiley face... Hello! Jay! happy? Chaitanya answered with weird look on his face, then I asked... okay... what happened? why are you here? Is Athreya here? Chaitanya answered, he is not much a sun lover... I'm here to get the details of this death... I asked, exactly.. what happened to the victim? victim's family filed a case as murder, when I get here it's look like suicide, but in postmortem it came as natural death... I was like.. what?? who's this guy? how it can be like that?? then... Chaitanya answered yeah... everyone are confused as much as you do... that's why Athreya comes into the picture, he will solve the case, then... Chaitanya goes to victim's family for the investigation, I was looking around the house, which is familiar, then I was walking around the house, I got bumped the table as I got bumped in antique store at the mall, which reminds me... when I was little I used to ran away from my mom whe she makes bad food then get hit by this table at this right place... then, I hear a song vayyarala jabili from theenmaar movie... then my mind goes to... where we are in a train coming back from a trip to home, I was bored... I asked my mom to tell a story... she's interested in telling their love story, She started like (in his mom voice)- Back then, I was studying MBBS 1st year, in yours dad's college... that's the first private medical college of the state and your grandfather is very responsible person to help others, then your dad joined in management quota, I was in free seat... Begin of the college we didn't even see each other... I heard his name during attendance, he heard my name during results... someday, I got letter from strange guy and he just hand it over, when I was looking at the letter, he vanished, letter says that I like a guy called Ravinder, it made me think!? what?? who?? me?? never... I never do that... mean while, I was going to the library I got letter from other guy, that letter saying that you may be tough, but when we see each other, that moment you'll get to know you're the one, then... I'm gonna keep these letters then, I'm gonna ask him all this bullshit, after coming trom library... I was headed to home, everything is dark, everyday this time will be dark and filled up with sex maniacs, then... I felt someone is following me, I was scared and running towards the light, he started running, I felt he touched... I run much faster, I came into the light, suddenly he vanishes... I panicked I pulled my bag front for water, when I picked bottle from bag, a letter falls, I was scared and slowly opened it... it said... whether you're in dark or light... I'll be beside you and I will guard you... protect you anytime and everytime at end it's your love Ravinder... then I felt safe... it made me thinking about him, then I was opening book to read but I keep turning oages... then I found another letter, saying stop thinking about me... after that... I didn't receive any letters or I didn't even heard his name again in college or anywhere... while I was in this mood, disturbed and moody... suddenly on moody day, I'm on my way to the home in same dark, hoping he'd be there... then, I was in dark, looking for him, I can't tell who is who... suddenly everything become bright... and colourful, he is standing on the road in a tux holding flowers... then he started singing... Jay stops and ask dad can sing? yes, and beautiful!! back to the story... I was starring at him like what is happening... then he came to me and he's on both knees holding flowers, I saw letter even in that flowers saying... whether you say yes or no, we're one, anything can't separate us, so... now itself will you be my partner to continue my future until my last breath? I was in shock... because he's handsome, rich, and everything, how can I marry him?... once, I kept all those things aside... I just said hmm... and keep walking, that's it, from that day everyone is in love, one day I asked how did you do all the letter things... he said, simply human psychology... everyone has pattern, you have yours that's it, it made me angry, I didn't even talk your dad like months, after sometime we're back together, like that we're on and off... on and off..., we finished our MBBS, your dad is great at psychology, he took that, I was great at neurology, I became neurosurgeon, then suddenly one hot day, he took me to his parents and convinced them to get married... they accepted us as couple but my parents are not, that's why my parents are not yet in touch..., then you came into our lives... we are more happy than ever, Jay falls asleep, Jay's mom whispers... actually we are on this trip to meet my parents in funeral, that's why I didn't want you there to see your grandparents as dead, I kept you sleep as you do now, we went and came back, I love you kid... after sometime Jay wakes, jay mom keep packing and she look worried, she's in panic, she told me take your dad and go to S6 because you have to pee and something she told, I was sleepy, I just heard S6 and pee, then I have to pee... I went to dad and ask him to take me to washroom, he was busy in talking to clients of his, I hold his finger and we're at S6, I was in the bathroom, then... I came back from toilet, everyone is gone... (Present) Jay was crying... mom... dad... mom....

haunting of his parents death starts!!
till the next episode
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