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G.O.N.E: Tree

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GONE, imagine being gone without no one knowing? Without anyone’s help? Or imagine just disappearing and slowly gone, gone for years, until suddenly someone finds something exquisite and old, finally being able to see, hear, and touch??

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter One

“Mom!” I shouted from my room to downstairs. Causing a groan from my mother, as it was faded through the walls, from a floor away. I hear thuds of footsteps racing to my room. And the door opens with a grumpy wrinkly face. She’s my grandma, but more like a mother to me. Her light curly, grey hair a mess. And her eye lids barely open as if she had woken up.

“What do you want child?” Her voice cracks, and a yawn escapes her mouth.

“There’s, there’s something knocking on my window.” I shakily told her, with my ring finger pointing at the grey curtains that’s covering on my window, just a few feet away from my bed. My grandma sighs and glares at me. She walks towards the curtains, while I hide my body and half of my face under my grey thick duvet blanket. “Darling,” she trails off. I glance at her, as she stares at something for awhile. And with widen eyes, she turns to me. “There is..” I furrow my brows at her expression.

“Ma you okay?” I ask with concern laced in my voice. I take the blanket off of my body and walk to her, and shake her. She startles at my contact, taking a step back. Once she stares at me, “you okay?”

She looks back outside where she’s still holding the curtain, and sigh. I glance at her weirdly.

“Ye-yeah I’m okay. It was nothing,” she lets go go the curtain. “Now now, it’s time to sleep. You have school tomorrow,” I whine. And she pushes me gently to my bed. Where I grab my blanket, sit on my bed and lay down; pulling the covers to me, while my grandma, kisses my forehead to sleep.

“Sweet dreams.” She whispers, and leaves my bedroom. I stare at the door, and glance back to the window. Wondering about the tapping sounds. No tree branches is near my window, the tree is 5.3ft away from my window. I measured it when I first started hearing the tapping sounds. Which was a week ago.

I stare at my bedside watching at the red glowing numbers; 9:58. I need to go back to sleep, this isn’t fair.

I yawn, my arm pushes onto the bed, so I could turn off the light from my lamp that’s on the bedside table. And wear my sleeping mask, turning the opposite side to the wall, heading to sleep.
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