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In Love With Two Monsters

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Elladine was walking to her car alongside her friends when she spotted a tall, buff man hovering over her car. Things happened and suddenly she found herself in love wih Jason. Then other things happened, people got jealous and people fell in love.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Dude we need to get some marshmallows for tonight too.” Xenna claimed.
Tonight, every college student in Ubbin Falls was going to the annual bonfire that was on the last day of autumn. Some people were in charge of food while others had the responsibility of gathering wood and supplies . The friend group that consisted of Elladine, Xenna, Kennrick, Opaque and Archer was apart of many people who had the food.

“…as well as bratwursts, Hawaiian hot dog buns and five 12 packs of Sprite.” “What if it’s not enough?” Elladine asked. She was more of the mom in the group and sometimes took that role outside her friend group.
“Then we can get extras Elladine, don’t worry.” Archer said softly laying their hand on her arm. They was more of the support system that kept their friends in line and told them the truth. Although they has never had to correct Ellladine , other than the few times when she would look in the mirror at her body longer than normal.

She was perfect in their eyes. Archer loved the way her stomach rolls looked like layered German chocolate cake, her thighs like rich and warm pillows, her chest like puffy marshmallows and her tummy like soft teddy bear stuffing.

They loved every single part of her but Archer would never admit that. Elladine only saw them as a close friend.
Archer was the introverted person of the group. They had social anxiety and went by they/them.

Looking into her eyes, she smiled and went back to looking around.

Kennrick picked up a pack of caramel stuffed and regular jumbo marshmallows. “Dude you know Rennil is going? She’s so mysterious. Like she literally would not show up to orientation because she didn’t want other ppl to see her but then go to a bonfire around other drunk people. That’s halarious”

Kennrick was the flirty person/player in the group. He had the best relationship advice but never could keep a relationship. He was crowned “Most likely to be divorced for having 5 unknown relationships with other people”

“I honestly think she’s hot. Like perfect size and long blonde hair. No offense Elladine.”
Archer, Kennrick, and Xenna looked at Opaque. Elladine just kept her head up and walked past Opaque grabbing the graham crackers.
“It’s alright Xenna. But don’t include me to a conversation about size especially when it doesn’t include me.”

“Alright” She shrugged.
Xenna was the fashionista of the group. She was a typical playboy model. A slim blasian with caramel skin, light brown eyes and black wavy hair.

When Elladine was out of sight from the group that was talking to Xenna, Archer made their way to her and hugged her. “I’m okay, I promise.” Elladine laughed.

The both of them made their way back with armfuls of food and dropped it into the cart. The group made their way to the register.
“Hey Opaque, how you been man?” While they clapped and shook each other’s hands.
“I’ve been good, when are you showing up?”

“Probably around like 7pm.” “Alright, alright. It comes up to $130.67”
Elladine handed her card to the guy. “Oh, is this your friend? She’s pretty for a big chick” Her smile dropped immediately. She looked at Opaque and saw his facial features turn from friendly to stern.

Opaque was the funny person out of the group and lifted up the mood quickly. But when he was pissed, he was pissed. Especially when it was backhanded compliments Elladine pondered over for hours.

He gritted his teeth and walked out with the bagged groceries. Everyone but Xenna looked at the man with hateful eyes.

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