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MASSACRE- seventh episode- Beginning Of The Haunt

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Jay realises his dad was murdered, he gets help from Chaitanya Jr. And get to know that his therapist was was his dad's bestfriend and starts investigation

Thriller / Action
Nagaraj Bumula
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Seventh episode- Beginning Of The Haunt

Jay sobbing in his pain, started crying like he lost his parents just now, he fall down on that table... crying and crying and crying... then suddenly stops and his pupils dilate and something strikes his mind, Chaitanya comes to him and asked what happened?, Jay answers I remembered how my parents died... it was murder, I doubt my mother murdered by someone, I think it an accident.. let it be as accident for now, but my father... it wasn't an accident, it is an clearly murder ( in shaking voice) and started crying... and saying sorry dad... you tried to say something, I didn't listen... I'm really really sorry dad... Chaitanya makes him feel okay... Chaitanya says, my condolences for your loss, but how did you know it was a murder? Jay starts saying, 10 years back, I was traveling in that train... and Jay continue saying what he remembered when he was with his mom and dad... then says, my mom told something like pee and S6, I took dad and went to S6 block's washroom... and while I was coming out from the washroom, a black coat guy pass infront of me and he was in a rush, opposite to him, my father was filled with blood... and laid on floor trying to say something but his throat was cut made impossible to talk, but I was in shock already because infront of me there is half of the train... going down from the cliff and my mom is in it... it made Jay cry more... Chaitanya told, it's okay... nothing to worry... Jay tells everything he knows, says... I have decided right now, I will avenge my dad's death, he is most harmless person I know in the world... I'm going to investigate about the murder, would you help me? Chaitanya answers let me ask Athreya and confirm you, Jay says... I need more man help, I hope you will come... I have to go tell Raj... Jay leaves... Raj was in shock, Raj put on a blank face on him, when Jay says about his past... Raj says what happened these days... what happened to these parents back then... you didn't say anything about your past these past days with me, suddenly you have parents and died in that train accident, I won't believe you... lets go to therapist let's listen what he gonna say about this... therapist says yeah, I know everything about you... your full name is "JAYANTH RAUNAK", your dad name is Ravinder Raunak and your mom Aruna Raunak... they're only my two best friends in whole life, I know their love story more clear than you do... we did everything those people who is being depressed, who think being alone and who feel failure... we helped those people coming from those problems, suddenly you're home... I was busy in hospital with all clients I have... we haven't meet much back then, someday they went on that train and your dad promised me he'd be back soon... BUT, that old geezer didn't even return instead he left you... on some glorious purpose miraculously you're alive, I take all our sessions and that's why I didn't help you to forget that pain... I want you to carry that pain... but I felt sorry... that's why... I know if you start think about others... that past becomes fade and which I was afraid it happened, you forgot as past and it started coming as nightmares... so, I don't want you to disturb you with all that, I kept silent... then, you're here with some questions and answers, you don't know... I fought for justice for my bestfriend and your father... no one cared, I want you to avenge my bestfriend... that's why I didn't do anything further, promise me you'll avenge my friend? Jay answers now, I know why you said sorry on that session for those kids, you're sorry to keep all this from me and you didn't get that justice for my dad, Dr. Phanindra answers it may be true, first you promise me, Jay furiously saya remember this date, I'll avenge my dad, and I will know who did it, and ask him why did he did it, then... he'll get what he done to my dad... then Raj and Jay leaves and goes to Jay's room and Chaitanya will be room already, Chaitanya tells... you have to be fast... you have to start investigation as soon as possible.
Chaitanya from crime scene where he told Jay I have to ask Athreya, Chaitanya goes to Athreya and explains the Jay's situation, says Jay asked me to help in the investigation and Athreya thinks for a while says... you go help him but don't say I'm going to involve in this case, let's see you'll solve the case fast and who will catch the bad guy, it's interesting...(in excited voice). Athreya tells Chaitanya what to do... Chaitanya goes to police station gets the autopsy of Jay's dad, and Athreya gives a glance... then Chaitanya asks, well? Athreya... aha! you're with Jay... you have to solve with him, not with me, just give this autopsy to him and he will gets it.
present: Chaitanya gives the autopsy report, Jay seems scared, he can't look at it, Jay tells to Chaitanya read... Chaitanya reads how he get stabes from that bad guy, Jay imagines it... Chaitanya tells... total 8 stabes, 3 on right hand while he cuts at wrist where he can't able flex his hands, he cut medial side of elbow where he can't flex his flexors, then a stabe in elbow and a deep cut on throat... 2 stabes on thorax, those reached lungs and made suffocate and 2 stabes in abdomen one reached for small intestine and one to stomach... this read Jay made collapsed and made Raj vomit... Jay started crying again.. Raj and Chaitanya came to him and made him... it's okay... stop it... you gonna do it.. then Jay stops, then tells we have to the place where the train had fall, Raj asks why? this doesn't do with murder, why should we go there? because my mom is in that train... no one talks, Jay are you two with me? Chaitanya nodes... Raj says I'm your bestfriend... I have no choice except to come... all three goes to that cliff and the valley was filled with water, which was 50meters depth and we can see train laying in that, then, one of the farmer near by college comes to them, who are you people? what are you doing near the cliff? whoever you all are... don't stay for too long, this land was cursed... does someone come from outside, this land suck into it... please we lost enough people... we don't want loose more, leave this place as soon as possible... Raj says, who are going to believe that bullshit, I'm going to stay whatever you gonna do, Jay stops Raj and tells that old farmer, sorry sir, I will leave now... Raj says.. what? why do we leave?, while leaving Jay says we're here just for investigation not making others uncomfortable or more problems.. Chaitanya agrees with Jay, Jay says we have to investigate in night then... everyone will on the same page, everyone waits for the night and goes to the cliff where the train fell of... Jay brings scuba suits with him but only two suits he have, he give to Raj and one for himself... says suit up and gets suit up... dive 50meters height....

want to know what happened in water
wait for the next episode
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