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A Ghost of Myself

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A boy who's curious about himself if he exist in the past or the present. He kept seeing his past when he was a young ones.But the real thing is the boy's imagination is already existing.

Thriller / Mystery
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The Rainy Day

A cold breeze of wind entered my room and shut my windows closed. As I stared at the windows, suddenly raindrops began to fall followed by loud thunders that scared me. It’s been a while since the rain came. I remembered when I was a child, when the rain comes I used to play outside, I thought it was a good thing to do. One time, while I was playing I suddenly looked up to see my room and I saw someone looking down where I was and he's glaring eyes is directly watching me. I thought it’s just my imagination.

The rain continues to fall. I went near my window and looked outside, I was shocked because there was a boy out there looking directly at me. I wiped my window so that I could see clearly but the boy disappeared out of nowhere. I was thinking who may that be and how did he know that I was at my room. Blah, maybe it’s just my hunger. I thought it is, so I went down to get some food.
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