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By Kate Robinson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller


Bobtail is moving house, again. But amongst the usual worries of finding his litter tray and hoping the local store has his food, Bobtail quickly discovers his new home is harboring some dangerous secrets. Secrets that put his life in danger when they lead to Bobtail becoming the prime suspect for a recent stint of murders. Only a day into his new home and Bobtail finds himself embroiled in a twisted plot that spans the centuries and will affect both man and cat alike.



Somewhere in the empty abyss without end

“Horus,” a female voice whispered in the shadows. Her voice was deep and resonated through the darkness.

This is the place between sleep and awake, life and death. This place is where dreams and nightmares are born and where they return to die. It is also where Gods come to parley. It is here that two figures shrouded in darkness meet. A small light swelled between them. It is dull and illuminated little, but it was enough to see the two figures standing in the gloom; a man and a woman. They appear almost human, but the man’s head is that of a hawk and the woman’s head that of a lioness.

“You have come, Horus,” the woman smirked, her ferocious teeth glinting in the light.

“Bastet,” Horus sneered. The light reflects off his golden jewelry and his long hooked beak. “It has been a long time.”

“Far too short a time for me, fowl,” Bastet snarled. Horus rolled his eyes.

“Anyone would think you were a mortal Kitten for your lack of proper manners.” His hand, littered with rings, reached out, Bastet jerked backward, avoiding his touch as if it were diseased.

“I am more deserving of my title than you Horus,” she said. Horus laughed quietly as if afraid to be too loud in this terrible place.

“That remains to be seen,” he whispered. “I wonder how long you would keep your title if I told our Lord what his little Kitty has been up to.” There was a sudden movement, and lion claws rake across hawk eyes.

“You would threaten me,” Bastet voice is calm despite her actions.

“Impudent child,” the hatred in Horus’ tone was raw. “Thief, give me back what you have stolen from me!” Gold glinted in Bastet’s hand as she tossed a trinket up into the air and caught it in her claws.

“I don’t think I will,” she smirked. “No, Horus, if you want this back then you will have to take it from me.”

“Oh, I shall,” Horus hissed. “believe me I shall and you will rue this day.”

There was silence for a long moment, and the weak light became dimmer still, then flickered once and blinked out blinked out completely.

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